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 AlexBware's finished scenery :-)

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PostSubject: New buildings and new pictures   Mon 7 Sep 2009 - 12:59

Here we go - New pictures (without that annoying flash)

Two new buildings are done and some new pics of the tabletopworld tower.

Stables first:
All done except for the small skull next to the barrels by the stables - I will do that in a jiffy
It was quite a job to get rid of all the extra resin on the bottom of the base (a good 3 mm or so) - Even with a topbenchsander it to like 10 minutes of hard work to sand it all of.

The ruined inn
There was more than enough extra rubble with this one (still have a few things lying around) - and I just realized that I still have to do a few shutters and put in a window.
The only thing I would do different (and still might do) is to pin the different floors together.

And finally a few pictures - without flash of the tower

Thats it for now :-)
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PostSubject: Re: AlexBware's finished scenery :-)   Mon 7 Sep 2009 - 13:56

Oooh! Nice to see another painted Forge World stable. Looks great! And yeah, the superflous resin on their pieces is really annoying. But the detail and quality is great otherwise.

I soooo need to get me the Ruined Coaching Inn. It's so cool.

The tower looks good, but I think the roof looks boring. You could paint the occasional shingle in a different tone and apply a final layer of drybrushing to add a bit of depth to it. You can do it! bounce Wink
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AlexBware's finished scenery :-)
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