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 Rangers of the shadow deep

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PostSubject: Rangers of the shadow deep   Wed 6 Feb 2019 - 2:22

Hey all,

I've recently been playing a relatively new skirmish game called 'Rangers of the shadowdeep' written by the guy who wrote frostgrave. I have to say I've found it super fun and you can easily reuse mordheim models within it. It's 1 to 4 players and cooperative with the enemy models having a flowchart to dictate their movements. It's also very narrative focused, having set scenarios and campaigns akin to D&D modules instead of generic scenarios but the rules seem simple enough that homebrewing a scenario wouldn't be too hard. it's got a pretty active group over on facebook which is great for sharing stuff or getting rules clarifications.

I'd give a look into it if you can, it's pretty fun with friends and great for further conversion inspiration too Wink And no race rules either so you could totally have rangers and henchmen as orcs and gobbos! (if you so wished)
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Rangers of the shadow deep
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