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 Daughters of the Burning Rose Kickstarter

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Daughters of the Burning Rose Kickstarter Empty
PostSubject: Daughters of the Burning Rose Kickstarter   Daughters of the Burning Rose Kickstarter Icon_minitimeWed 18 Apr 2018 - 11:03


This is a new Kickstarter for a SF/fantasy army by Anvil Industries. They're a good company from all I've seen, & this army looks rad as hell. Plus, I really want to make a fantasy army out of them, but most of the fantasy stuff unlocks at a higher level, so I'm shamelessly plugging it here in the hope you'll all throw money their way & unlock stretch goals. Plug plug!

Otherwise, they're perfect Sisters of Battle, or other SF warrior nuns. Potentially, they'll make good Sigmarites too, especially some of the stretch goal models (plug plug).
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Daughters of the Burning Rose Kickstarter
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