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 Concept Art of Lotr Dwarves (2017 Image Salvage)

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PostSubject: Concept Art of Lotr Dwarves (2017 Image Salvage)   Mon 25 Sep 2017 - 9:29

With Angband & Mordor illustrations cleared, Lotr Dwarves was a natural next target for image salvage.

Although this is mainly of interest to uncorrupted Dwarfs, there has still been vocal interest among Chaos Dwarf players in the Hobbit style Dwarf miniatures put out by Forgeworld. The grotesque style twist given Dwarves by Weta Workshop for the Hobbit movies made them somewhat relevant as a peripheral reference point for Chaos Dwarf designs, particularly those of angular ornamentation or involving boars in any form (the Lotr trilogy Dwarf designs and Games Workshop's own Lotr Dwarves sport a more refined and less cluttered style, with not a hint of horns or tusks around).

The changed aesthetic direction of Weta's Dwarves has been followed up by independent artists James Turner Mohan and Sergio Artigas, who have made it their own and produced rich, evocative, highly detailed and often grotesque Dwarf styles involving stylized horns and tusks. Note in particular Sergio Artigas' Blacklocks Clan, with an Assyrian streak.

It's Tolkien time. In other words, it is time to slay longshanks.

"Barūk Khazād! Khazād ai-menū!"



James Turner Mohan

Sergio Artigas

Assorted Lotr Dwarf Concept Art

Official Lotr Dwarf Concept Artwork (Weta Workshop & Cover Art)

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Concept Art of Lotr Dwarves (2017 Image Salvage)
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