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 Mordheim Community Edition Rulebook

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PostSubject: Mordheim Community Edition Rulebook   Mon 21 Aug 2017 - 8:14

Always been kinda bummed that we don't have anything like the excellent Necromunda Community Edition Rulebook for Mordheim.

Given the huge amount of decent house rules and fixes, would be great if they were incorporated into the main rule book showing why the rules has changed and the reasons for it.

There is the excellent Mordheim Base Rule Compilation by our very own Kitsunae which can be found here:


I was thinking of doing something like this based on Kisunae's work:


Intent is to show how the game can be made better and not necessarily to create a tome of law on how the game have to be played.  

Happy for everyone to chip in with ideas as I'm sure there is a wealth of knowledge out there. However let's try and limit the discussion for now to the "General Rules" section only. Aim is to hopefully release the Mordheim Community Edition by stage following the sections in Kitsunae's Mordheim Base Rule Compilation.

Thoughts, ideas, comments?
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PostSubject: Re: Mordheim Community Edition Rulebook   Wed 23 Aug 2017 - 9:44

I'm up for this, but I think faith in any new ruleset will derive from the why as much as the what.

We are not short of compendiums and total conversions that range from the small edits/collections (such as wyldhunt's recent version, and the example you cited) to the full on new systems (coreheim etc)

I like what you presented there as making the justifications/changes clear. Breaking the rules into sections that we can propose changes with explanations would be good (maybe a googledoc with columns could be a good start?)

Personally as a player of mordheim, I struggle to have confidence in the rules unless I am confident in the source, or at least understand the agenda behind them (ie is it balance, roleplay, complexity, simplicity etc).

Does Necromunda CE still derive from 40k second edition like the original did? Or is it based of a more recent 40k edition?
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Mordheim Community Edition Rulebook
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