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 Question about superior blackpowder

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PostSubject: Question about superior blackpowder   Sun 26 Oct 2008 - 9:35

Hi all

I had a discussion with one of my friends a while ago, concerning the rules of superior blackpowder.

My friend argues that superior blackpowder last an entire campaign - not just for one battle/skirmish. The rules says there is enough blackpowder for one "game" (not battle or skirmish). One of his strongest arguments is that hunting arrows (which are cheaper) lasts forever (this is how we have read the rules).

I thought about it, and haven't decided anything yet. I thought about changing the rule a bit, and allowing superior blackpowder to increase the strength of all BPWs in the gang for one battle (usually there aren't that many). But then I thought about poison (dark venom), which also only lasts for one game and only for one weapon and is almost as expensive.

My personal thought is, that BPWs (especially pistols would become much to powerful if the superior blackpowder should last forever (over an entire campaign).
On the other hand - I have never actually heard about any warband who has actually bought superior blackpowder - the only time they would use it would be if they found it during or after a skirmish (the same actually goes with dark venom poison) - its just to damn expensive to pay 30+ GC for an effect that lasts one game.

Anyway let me know what your thoughts are about this subject?
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PostSubject: Re: Question about superior blackpowder   Sun 26 Oct 2008 - 10:12

One game = one battle

That should be clear as it's not an entire campaign (=forever).

For example, "winning the game" doesn't mean winning the campaign, but only the battle.
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PostSubject: Re: Question about superior blackpowder   Sun 26 Oct 2008 - 10:55

Cianty is correct, and here it is from the Rulebook ,it does not get any simpler.

superior blackpowder
The model has acquired a better quality of
blackpowder than is normally available. This new
batch adds +1 Strength to all blackpowder weapons
that the model has. There is enough superior
blackpowder to last for one game.
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PostSubject: Re: Question about superior blackpowder   

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Question about superior blackpowder
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