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 [Feedback Req.] Secret Objectives

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PostSubject: [Feedback Req.] Secret Objectives   Tue 14 Mar 2017 - 15:51

Inspired by "newer" Skirmish games such as Malifaux and Infinity I've been throwing around the idea of adding optional combat & tactical objectives to my Mordheim group.

The Concept

  1. A deck of combat objectives and a deck of tactical objectives. Each player draws one of each.
  2. Tactical objectives involved controlling items/terrain. Combat involves killing.
  3. If the optional rules are used only 5 heroes provide wyrdstone rolls.
  4. A 6th Wyrdstone roll is won by completing one of the two objectives.
  5. If you complete both objectives, there's a bonus reward.


  • It takes away the importance of having all your heroes survive, discouraging players who get their henchmen killed and have their heroes sit back. Encouraging heroic acts knowing that one OOA hero won't affect income.
  • It encourages warbands to split up. Instead of creating 15-20 man zergs that meet in the middle, the player might be forced to split a few off to complete an objective
  • Elements of surprise. Players don't know what's up.


  • Warbands balanced around low starting hero counts such as Dwarves might gain money faster than planned, shifting balance.

This seems like a common idea and Im sure someone has implemented it, has anyone noticed any drawbacks to such a system?
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PostSubject: Re: [Feedback Req.] Secret Objectives   Tue 14 Mar 2017 - 17:55

Many scenarios already include combat and tactical objectives - the main thing I see in your concept is limiting Exploration dice to 5 unless an objective is completed. That is an interesting thought. Still, heroes are required for Trading, and only heroes always get the Experience benefit from taking others out of action.

I'm not sure how the deck of objectives would interact with many of the extra scenarios, as it seems the objectives would have to be generic enough to apply to most of them, and might take away some flavor from some scenarios. On the other hand, secret objectives are always fun if done right! It might be enough to limit Exploration dice to five normally, and allow scenario-winning warbands the sixth die in addition to an Experience point for the warband's leader.

You might have to try out your concept for a full campaign to see what effect is has on battles and whether it achieves your desired result.
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[Feedback Req.] Secret Objectives
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