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 More homebrew warband rules for feedback: Norse Dwarfs

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PostSubject: More homebrew warband rules for feedback: Norse Dwarfs   Sat 24 Dec 2016 - 7:04

So I've drifted off on yet another tangent - pulling together existing stuff with additions of my own to allow me to run campaigns set in Norsca. Most of the warbands necessary for the setting already exist, but a thematically appropriate Undead band(Draugr - a future project) and Norse Dwarfs were missing. The goal here was to create a play experience that was recognisably Dwarfy but still pretty different from Treasure Hunters. You'll note access to any missile weapons beyond Throwing Axes is highly restricted, that's a function of both the previous point and the setting(most of the other bands that will be included are also fairly limited in their ranged capability, and allowing the Dwarfs to just pincushion everything with crossbow bolts would cause issues).

Anyone spot any obvious issues? Pricing feedback? Any warbands you think they'd struggle against or vice versa?

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More homebrew warband rules for feedback: Norse Dwarfs
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