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 A separate board for Homebrew? And other thoughts.

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PostSubject: A separate board for Homebrew? And other thoughts.   Thu 7 Jul 2016 - 7:49

Currently, Rules & Gameplay is a mix of:

-Homebrew/WIPs (new warbands, campaign settings, etc).
-Warband topics/advice.
-The occasional tactics guide/"how do I counter X?"
-FAQs/inquiries, especially about wonky rules ("How exactly does a Magic Carpet Work?")

Warbands are already a sticky, and FAQs/"common workarounds to unanswered rules" could probably be as well.

Having Homebrew as its own board would be nice, especially if it had a sticky for projects that gain their own traction (Ex. A Mutiny in Marienburg update sticky, etc).
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A separate board for Homebrew? And other thoughts.
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