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 Mutiny in Marienburg - Under Arrest!

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PostSubject: Mutiny in Marienburg - Under Arrest!   Thu 31 Mar 2016 - 0:32

Hey guys, I wasnt sure whether to post this or ask Werekin directly.

we're looking to start a MiM campaign in the coming months and were wondering about the rules for arresting models.
there's a few different ones mentioned.

in the Dead Frieght scenario it says its if you roll a natural 6 on the injury table;

Licensed Arrests: Warriors taken out of action in
close combat by warriors from a constabulary are
placed under arrest whenever an Injury Chart result
rolled is a natural 6, unless the warband making the
arrest is routed first.
Instead of rolling on the Serious Injury Chart the
warrior chooses to go quietly after the battle. Any
drugs, poisons, tainted items or Chaos artefacts
carried by the warrior are impounded! Items
confiscated are removed from roster sheets. Roll on
the Conviction Chart to see what sentence the
constabulary dishes out.

That could be just for that level, as the Know Your Rights part of the Keeping the Peace Plott it says you gotta knock em down/ stun them first, then roll a 6 after you take them out of action;

Custody: Warriors with jurisdiction to make arrests gain experience points. Models placed under arrest remain
on the warband roster and may not be retired from their original starting warband. If a model is knocked down
or stunned then roll a D6 when it is taken out of action. On a result of 6 the warrior is placed under arrest.
Warriors captured through other means, such as by being a Bounty Hunter's mark, are treated as under arrest.

Then it goes on in the to list all the different type of criminals, and when it gets to Arson it says they are auto arrested!;

Arson: While it is not an offence to possess bombs or other incendiaries it is a violation of the law to carry
explosive devices around in the city. Nehekharan fire, torches, braziers and fire arrows if being used to set on fire
a building, boat, warrior or other model is treated as arson. Pyromaniacs will not be tolerated! Perpatrators of
arson should automatically be placed under arrest at the scene of a crime if they are taken out of action.

Is arson the worst crime out of all the ones listed! Speaking of Arsonists, the Drowning the Witch Plot seem to be able to arrest people by taking them out of action on a natural 6, Much like the dead frieght way?

License Granted: Getting their investigations in Marienburg started in a formal capacity by receiving an
official license drafted by the scribes at the Executive Council of the Stadsraad, granting them
jurisdiction over local law enforcement agencies. Any warrior from the warband being held under arrest
by another constabulary is released immediately. Instead of rolling on the Serious Injury Chart the
warrior chooses to go quietly. Warriors (not affiliated with the law) taken out of action are placed under
arrest whenever an Injury result rolled is a natural 6, unless the warband following this plot routed.

and finally Sam Warble has a similar ability, only on a 5-6.

Basically I was just wondering what the standard way to place someone under arrest it?
is "everyone" (humans, elves, ogres, dwarves, without immunity) arrested on a 6 on the injury chart?
except arsonists?
or alternatively are regular citezins arrested on the 6 to injure, and people caught committing a crime (eg. line of sight whilst Breaking and Entering, or setting a fire) or a known felon (eg. people with keywords like, theif or assassin in their names) auto arrested when taken out of action?

thanks guys.
been a while since i've posted!

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PostSubject: Re: Mutiny in Marienburg - Under Arrest!   Thu 31 Mar 2016 - 20:27

I expect that ALL of the various ways are correct in their context.

--The rules given in the scenario apply to the scenario.

--The rules given for the warband always apply to the warband, etc.

I have found that the most reliable way to get Stu's attention is to contact him directly either by PM here or by responding to his blog. E-mail is iffy.
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Mutiny in Marienburg - Under Arrest!
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