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 Warbands In Mordheim

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PostSubject: Re: Warbands In Mordheim   Wed 2 May 2018 - 10:07

2704ENG wrote:
Despite the height difference still think it's an improvement over the original GW Sisters.


That said, DN's not wrong about managing the integral base. You can usually shave them down a bit with a file -- I've pretty much given up on removing them entirely, it's too much fuss, but filing's manageable. Then build up the bases for the entire warband so they're stood on roughly equal heights. Just puttying around the integral base then surfacing to match should do it.

& I agree with you on the Fanatic. The Ball & Chain rules as published don't really work for Mordheim, since the packed scenery will insta-kill your funnest little guy. I've got an agreement that if the Fanatic hits a wall at anything other than a 90 degree angle, he just bounces off & keeps going. A direct hit still kills him though.
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Warbands In Mordheim
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