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 Random charge range, Striking order, and Move value.

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Random charge range, Striking order, and Move value. Empty
PostSubject: Random charge range, Striking order, and Move value.   Random charge range, Striking order, and Move value. Icon_minitimeSun 5 Jul 2015 - 15:14

A few months ago I posted about my gaming group's use of random charge ranges. To avoid delving into the forum, rules are re-surmised here.

Standard charge: 2D6 picking the highest + the models M value

Faster charge: 3D6 picking the two highest + the models M value.

Faster charges are applied to any model with sprint, beasts or flying creatures.

The idea I propose it to add and element of striking at I value instead of the charges always striking first, but to use this as a blanket rule would remove some of the challenge of close combat. So I feel a compromise would be best.

If a model is within its M value when it declares a charge, for example a human is within 4" when he charges an enemy model he will get to strike first. If he has to travel farther than his move he will strike in I order.

The idea is that if a model can close the gap quickly it can get the drop on his opponent, but if he has to put extra effort into closing the gap the enemy will have time to react. This would not affect weapons in any way, so a spear armed model will still gain the advantages of their weapon.

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Random charge range, Striking order, and Move value.
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