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 H: Random Stuff W: Random Stuff or USD/CHF

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Friedrich Hetzenauer

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PostSubject: H: Random Stuff W: Random Stuff or USD/CHF   Mon 13 Apr 2015 - 13:13

Pictures of any/all can be taken, just let me know what you'd like to see.


5 Teutogen Guard- bare Metal
4 Lothern City Guard- (the Regiment of Renown from way back in the day, not the seaguard) painted (I'm willing to strip if you'd like, but it would mean a shipping delay).
12 Halfling Archers- 2 primed white, rest bare
Vampire with sword and mace (painted)
Freelance Knight (foot model only, bare metal)
Sister Superior with flail (bare metal)
Aneur Sword of Twilight

High Elves:
15 6e Phoenix Guard-2 Primed White, rest bare metal
17 Metal LSG Full command complete with shields and quivers.- mixed
7 Metal LSG, no quivers- mixed
2 Metal Mages
2 4e Reavers- no horses
2 Metal mounted heros
5 Metal Reavers- no horses
2 Metal Spearmen
Various Metal Musicans and Standards
1 4e Chariot
5 Metal Silver Helms

Some BfSP NG archers and spears. If you're interested I'll count them up

Lots of nice buildings for Mordheim or Bolt Action (or anything 28mmish that's not modern, old west or sci-fi)
If you've got something I really want I'd be willing to build something in trade, I'd be happy to show you some of my work if you're interested.

Wagons, interested in almost anything 28mmish

Interested in almost anything. Let me know what you've got.
Sisters and Possessed are priority.
If you've got cool looking minis from another Manufacturer, send me a picture. I'm not a purest.

I'd also really like a box of chaos Forsaken, or even just a couple bodies and a lot of the bits.
Maybe some storm vermin

High Elves:
Lothern City Guard Command
Old High Elves. If the style is anything like the current ones then it's not old enough.
Finecrap Everqueen
Maybe some of the new plastic units as I don't have them and I'll add them to the collection if I pick them up at the right cost, but it's not at all a priority.

Dwarf Gyrocopter

Minis for Use in Mordheim, any manufacturer. Sisters, Possessed, Amazons, Dark Elves, Dwarves head the list right now, but I'd also be interested in some poisoned wind globes or a ratling gun. Bottom line is, if I've got something you want feel free to offer anything. Worst that'll happen is I say no.

Paypal/ USPS money order.- make an offer
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H: Random Stuff W: Random Stuff or USD/CHF
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