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 Clan Concept for the Nipponese Warband

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PostSubject: Clan Concept for the Nipponese Warband   Mon 6 Oct 2008 - 2:24

Well a gaming group who really like my work (w00t fanbase) wanted a clan based system similar to the human merc's based on the clans from the legend of the five rings RPG. I have wanted to do something like this for a while, so I am glad I got an excuse Very Happy

Oh and dont merge this with the current Nippon Warband post as I dont want to bring that back for now.

Peasents are refrenced but havnt been released. Here ithey are;

0+ Peasent Rabble 10 gold crowns to hire.

M4 WS2 BS2 S3 T3 W1 I3 A1 LD5

Weapons/Armour: Peasents are armed with 2 daggers. They may not be given any other equipment.

Special Rules:

Cowardly: The peasentry have little to no combat experience and when faced with an arm man will more often then not cower unless inspired.

All Peasent Rabble models may not declare a charge unless they take a successful leadership test. They may use the leadership of any non-peasent model that is within 6".

Insignificant: Peasents are not likely to live or stay around a warband long enough to learn much.

Peasents do not count towards the number of models out of action towards a route test and they cannot gain experience.

The Crab Clan - The Defenders

The Crab Clan are responsible with the defence of the empire of nippon from its many deamons. Fighting deamons and orcs is a common affair for the Crab Clan and the years of constant warfare has lead them to become an elite warband bound by duty.

Benefit: All models in the warband are immune to fear and may re-roll the first failed route test
Negative: Peasent rabbles may not be taken.

The Crane Clan - The Artisians

The Cran Clan are the strongest clan politicly and it is rare for a trader not to owe the Crane Clan a favour.

Benefit: +1 to rarity rolls
Negative: None

The Dragon Clan - The Mystics

The Dragon Clan are a mountainous people who speak in riddles and dedicate their lives to learning and the art of warfare. The samurai of the dragon clan are learned in the art of magic as well as the sword and are equally profficent in both.

Benefit: The Daimyo and each Samurai may gain the "master of elements" special rule for an extra 15gc. They may only be upgraded at purchase. Samurai upgraded in this way may still not choose skills from the academic skill list.
Negative: The sage may not be taken

The Lion Clan - The Warrior Clan

The Lion Clan live for battle. Nothing is more important to the Lion Clan as bushido and it is a great honour to die by the sword. They distrust mercenaries and prefer to rely on their own skill at arms.

Benefit: The Daimyo, Samurai and the Ninja have +1 Strength
Negative: Hired swords may not be taken.

The Mantis Clan - The Seafarers

The Mantis Clan are the youngest of the clans and spend most of their lives at sea. Their constant exploration and trade has gotten them used to the company of other races.

Benefit: They ignore the Highly Superstitious Rule
Negative: None

The Pheonix Clan - The Shugenja

The Pheonix Clan are the most knowledgable of all the clans and have dedicated their lives to the learning of ancient magics and the mastery of the elements.

Benefit: The sage becomes a 0-2 choice. All sages start with 2 spells generated randomly and a +1 to cast
Negative: Ninja's may not be taken. If a sage is taken out of action it counts as two models instead of one for route tests.

The Scorpion Clan - The Underhanded

The Scorpion Clan are known for their tendancy to utelise any tactic in order to obtain victory. They fight a constant shadow battle against the enemies of the Nipponese Empire from the threats of corruption and plots against the throne.

Benefit: All models in the army lose the bushido rule if they have it. Ninja's become a 0-2 Choice
Negative: Sages may not be taken.

The Spider Clan - The Unknown

The Spider Clan is shrouded in mystery. While little is known about them, the common people know that when no other clan will help them, the Spider Clan will be there to help them.

Benefit: Peasents lose the Insignificant and Cowardly rule and have a leadership of 7
Negative: Peasents cost 15gc. Ronin may not be taken.

The Unicorn Clan - The Explorers

The Unicorn Clan are responsivle for almost all of the maps of Nippon. They lead a nomadic life style and only head into town when their supplies are dwindeling dangerously low.

Benefit: The warband may modify an exploration roll by +1/-1
Negative: The warband may only purchase items after each game if a 3+ is rolled.
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PostSubject: Re: Clan Concept for the Nipponese Warband   Wed 8 Oct 2008 - 4:54

Unnecessary posts deleted. Please don't insult other forum members, everybody! On the other hand, please try to be open-minded and tolerant.

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Clan Concept for the Nipponese Warband
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