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 Mordheim Wiki

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PostSubject: Mordheim Wiki   Tue 23 Sep 2014 - 12:15

Hi guys,

I've started a Mordheim recently over the last week, with the main aim being for it to be a resource for the new videogame that's being developed.

That being said, I think it could also be a really good format for Tabletop info, and to give the videogame platers some insight into the background and rules for the TT game.

I've been working on getting the site actually live recently, and as the online game info is very sparse at the moment have been working on the TT side of things. Here's the http://mordheimwiki.com/wiki/Tabletop:Skaven_Warband page, for example.

I'd love any feedback anyone here might have, and would really appreciate any help in content creation if you feel like you can.

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PostSubject: Re: Mordheim Wiki   Sun 8 Feb 2015 - 2:16

I really like what you are doing with your Wiki.

I look far too seldom in thsi section so maybe another section would give you more input.

But I did take a look and have to tell you that you show many rules which are under GW copyright and this might bring you some legal troubles with them.
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Mordheim Wiki
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