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 Tips for Norse and campaigns

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Von Kurst
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PostSubject: Re: Tips for Norse and campaigns   Sat 23 Aug 2014 - 7:52

MrDancyPants wrote:

Ok, wow. Calm thyself. Holy crap. I promise, I'll never make such a transgression again. Do you know of another resource that has all the "officially official" rules in one document?
Of course, the 2005 updated Mordheim rulebook, which used to grace the Specialist Games site, but is now hosted by Warseer, the Mordheim Yahoo Group and several individual sites like RationalLemming's One Drive.

DeDS--The lack of a commonly understood title really bugs me.  DeDS rules?  What does that even mean?  In the past four years I've heard it called the Living Rulebook, the Ultimate Rulebook, the Complete Rulebook and now this.  Other rules compilations have a title! (Coreheim, Heroheim) This one stays ambiguous.  Is there even a page with the names of people who contributed?

I play by lots of fan-made rules, but I know they are fan-made.  A couple of weeks ago one of the players asked where the Assassin skills could be found.   I said which Assassin?  He said the Dark Elf.  I said TC#12.  He said no I have the rules for the DE Assassin, but he can take Assassin skills, where are they?
So we established that he had a copy of DE Assassin rules from a version of the Big Rulebook, only the editor snuck in another skill set besides the Dark Elf skills as originally published.  Its the only change as far as I could tell at a glance, but it seems there has to be one.

MrDancyPants wrote:
Please, Lord Von Kurst, educate this poor sad fool that he may never upset you again.
Very Happy 
Somehow I doubt that that is possible, but I shall try.  Or at least look forward to the exchange of...ideas.  Wink
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PostSubject: Re: Tips for Norse and campaigns   Sat 23 Aug 2014 - 15:31

I've never known what it meant, and never really cared. It's how I first heard about it and when I type it into the google machine, that's what poops out the other end. I'm terribly sorry that it bugs the crap out of you so badly.

The yahoo group requires that you be a member. Since yahoo groups are largely neglected by their admins, I don't think I'll be trying to join it in hopes of getting the rules. And the fact that Games Workshop has completely abandoned Mordheim, with the exception of a video game that is supposedly coming out, there's never going to be a way to get the information from them.

I found the deposit on Warseer. That's a ridiculous amount of stuff to search through.

And most of the rules that are fan-made in the DeDS compilation are credited. The rest are generally pretty obvious, based on the wordage.

The nice thing about the DeDS compilation of rules is that they're all there in one file, already put together. It's certainly easier than sifting through 375 PDF files to find exactly the rules I'm looking for, and that's just from the official stuff.

EDIT: Sorry for the thread-jacking. Guess I got myself a project to work on.
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PostSubject: Re: Tips for Norse and campaigns   Sat 23 Aug 2014 - 20:34

Hi MrDancyPants,

You are new to this forum so I would like to point you towards the forum rules in case you might not have seen them (they are tucked out of the way a bit).


The very first rule is to be polite. Some of your recent comments have had a mocking tone and have not been polite. You will find the members on this forum to be very helpful and this online Mordheim community is excellent. I hope that you experience this for yourself and stick around as an active participant on this forum for as long as you want to. In this thread no one was attacking you or belittling you so please don't get your back up and be rude.

Understanding the source of rules being discussed is very important to help us as a community to help you when you ask questions. For the Norse warband being discussed in this thread, the DeDS rules appear to be essentially the same as the Norse warband from BTB which was only a very slight varient of the Norse warband from Lustria released in Town Cryer. Therefore the feedback given in this thread to you should be relevant. However, if you were asking about other rules then this might not be so. One example is the Orc Mob warband is based on the official Orcs & Goblins warband but has some differences (e.g. the warband can start with 5 heroes rather than 4) that might impact the validity of advise given. Another example is the Clan Eshin warband which also has some differences (e.g. the warband can start with 5 heroes rather than 6). Helping you to understand that you are not using a rulebook that many people use and asking you to highlight this fact in future posts is not an attack but simply a request for you to give us information about the rules in your gaming group so that we can help you better.
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PostSubject: Re: Tips for Norse and campaigns   

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Tips for Norse and campaigns
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