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 Odds to Wound

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PostSubject: Odds to Wound   Wed 6 Aug 2014 - 12:41

I'm not sure if anyone noticed my post in the "Boring Duel Wield" thread (it doesn't get much traffic these days). So, I'm posting it here as a new thread:

Using Mathhammer (http://mathhammer.blogspot.dk/2009/01/super-simple-method-216.html) I have made a few statistical charts to compare various Duel Wield house rules to RAW in order to help find a solution to this age old problem (if there is a solution). Please feel free to check my math! Freshman year at university was the last time I had any education in mathematics and while I think my calculations are sound, I would not bet my flat on them (or even my gaming books…my television perhaps).

I focus on warrior stats for the most common henchmen: WS 3 or 4, S 3 or 4, A 1 or 2. I feel if we can find a good balance in the weapons and armour rules for henchmen, this lays a solid close combat foundation for the rest of the game. Heroes are always going to be exceptional, as they should be, but without the basic rules being balanced we lack a point of reference for our heroes, and some "super hero" outliers often result from tweaking Skills and other rules specific to heroes.

The charts are as follows:

- Rules as written (the baseline from which to make comparisons)
- Double Handed Weapons (another baseline)
- Duel Wield Odds if Off Hand Weapon is -1 to Hit
- Duel Wield Odds if All Attacks are -1 to Hit
- Duel Wield Odds if Off Hand Dagger is -1 to Hit
- All Attacks Are +1 to Hit (due to some special rule: like Diving Charge, for example)

Here is the Dropbox link to the files, please feel free to share them: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/v1y8ss3hjgv4osq/AAAD-2V4aWMetXwWx2aToUz7a

The charts do not take in to account critical hits (which are the same odds for all henchmen) nor parries. As I would like to balance not only the duel wield problem but all weapons and armour as much as possible, parries are an issue. I am next working on a statistical analysis which will take parries into account.

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Odds to Wound
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