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 BTB - Journey Home; Win Condition Question.

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PostSubject: BTB - Journey Home; Win Condition Question.   Sat 28 Jun 2014 - 19:48

Hey guys, my group was wondering if its possible to win the Journey Home with the Lure of Forutne player/Defending Player if all their carts are totally immobilized (either destroyed or all the horses are dead, with no Handyman to help out).

it fairly clearly says you can still win the game by routing the other teams.

Quote :
ending the game
The game ends when the defending player manages to
take at least one cart or wagon (Opulent Coach, Trade
Wagon, Prison Wagon, etc.) off the table via the
opposing table edge from where they started. Rout
tests are taken as normal and the last remaining
warband or alliance of warbands wins the game.

But if all your carts were down would it count as a win for the defender? especially in regards to the campaign. the experience part of the scenario seems to indicate that losing all your carts is a fairly bad thing.

Quote :
+1 Caravan Halted. If a Hero or a Henchman from any
of the two opposing warbands causes a cart of the
caravan player to be permanently immovable the
ambushing warband gains +D3 Experience that can
be devided among the warband’s Heroes. This can be
done by destroying the cart entirely, by destroying all
wheels or by cutting off or killing the draft animals.
Note that as long as the defending player has a model
with the Handyman Strength skill (e.g. a Coachman
Hired Sword) the wagon can still be repaired and thus
is not permanently immovable.

I'm in two minds about this, the rules say you can but the spirit of the level seems to be they need to escape?
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PostSubject: Re: BTB - Journey Home; Win Condition Question.   Wed 3 Sep 2014 - 19:22

Sorry I missed this when it was posted. It probably doesn't matter anymore but the scenario rules as quoted say that forcing your opponent(s) to rout results in a win.

I don't see anything in the victory conditions that negates this if the carts are destroyed.
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BTB - Journey Home; Win Condition Question.
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