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 Question regarding Executioner's Hood

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PostSubject: Question regarding Executioner's Hood   Fri 6 Jun 2014 - 12:48

Hi all,
I just got the Executioner's Hood for the Outlaw warband I've been playing over the past couple months.  I've never seen it in use and was a little confused by the rules.  They state:

Executioner’s Hood (RB 100); Artifact; Availability: Unique
Recovered from a shipwrecked Dark Elf vessel, this hood carries evil glowing runes which fill the wearer with unreasoning rage. A warrior wearing this becomes subject to and always will be frenzied even if he is knocked down or stunned. He also adds +1 to his Strength in close combat, such is the power of his fury. The wearer never leaves combat under any circumstances, and will always attack opponents in base contact until they are taken out of action. If there are any stunned or knocked down models within the wearer’s charge range at the beginning of his turn, he will charge and attack the closest one, even if they are members of his own warband! Fight the hand-to-hand combat until one of the warriors is taken out of action.

The bold part is what I'm wondering about.  Let's say that my Leader, wearing the hood, is in base contact and ongoing melee with a Dwarf, who is neither stunned nor knocked down.  One of my henchmen within 4'' of my leader gets hit with an enemy arrow and knocked down.  At the start of my next turn, do I continue attacking the dwarf or do I have to leave combat with him to attack my henchmen?  

I'm assuming that the first sentence supersedes the second one, but I just wanted to be sure because tonight will be my first time actually equipping the Hood.

Thanks in advance!
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PostSubject: Re: Question regarding Executioner's Hood   Fri 6 Jun 2014 - 15:58

I agree that the first sentence would override the second. The second sentence would apply if the warrior is unengaged.
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Question regarding Executioner's Hood
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