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 Indiegogo: Fsntasy adventurers from Dragon Bait

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PostSubject: Indiegogo: Fsntasy adventurers from Dragon Bait   Fri 2 May 2014 - 10:21

Kev "Goblinmaster" Adams is back on the horse and sculpting miniatures for Dragon Bait's Indiegogo campaign. He's doing some of the less-represented races and classes, which is a nice touch.

An example of the concept art:

Some of the greens:

The miniatures, which are all already sculpted, are a bit of a mixed bag. Some are fantastic, some less so. They are a good match for some other manufacturers' figures:

(Otherworld - Dragon Bait - Reaper)

Campaign page is here

I'm in at Kev Adams Fan Club level - $72, including shipping to the UK, for 12 figures + 2 possible stretch goal rewards. Not a bad price and perfect, like the Otherworld figures than I pimped a while ago, for MordheimQuest etc.
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Indiegogo: Fsntasy adventurers from Dragon Bait
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