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 Iron Dwarves from the Uncharted Seas game

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PostSubject: Iron Dwarves from the Uncharted Seas game   Thu 21 Nov 2013 - 6:08

I've just realised I've never ever shown you guys these ones.
A fun and fast-paced game, easy on the rulesset, one I really like to play.
Most of this was painted up more than a year ago, but a couple of weeks ago on the Crisis Antwerp convention I spotted a blister of a fig that wasn't in my collection yet : a floating Dwarven Citadel
And now in full-technicolour paintjob too What a Face 

And here's a picture of the rest of the fleet, as it stood just before I painted up this last piccie :

If anyone desires a couple of close-ups of the other figs, just shout out eh?
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Iron Dwarves from the Uncharted Seas game
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