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 Road/Kill Ultimate Car Combat - Kickstarter

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PostSubject: Road/Kill Ultimate Car Combat - Kickstarter   Wed 11 Sep 2013 - 19:42

Car combat game from a Canadian Game Designer.

not sure on this just thought I'd show you something different.. I never got a round to playing Car Wars and Dark Future games I was more into playing WHFB and WH40k...

The game looks good not sure on the pricing seems expensive... currently pledge in for reward #2 [PDF copy of the rules]

One comment I did see what the Dropzone Commander terrain could work with this scale:

Now that would be a blast playing a car battle on something like that set up.... will update as more info comes to light.  the Vehicles are fully customizable and offer different versions. Each Faction has one type that is theirs and you can upgrade your vehicles with certain drivers. There are more expansions planned I believe 4.

We have to wait until they get to $79kCAD before the Box set pledge gets unlocked [Which is reward #6 and is $130CAD which gives you tiles, dice and rules for the game.] Time will tell if this is possible.

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Road/Kill Ultimate Car Combat - Kickstarter
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