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 Selling my 15th century reenactment stuff, a whole clothing!

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PostSubject: Selling my 15th century reenactment stuff, a whole clothing!   Sun 11 Aug 2013 - 16:18

Hej Guys,

i am selling my medieval reenactment gear, a whole set of clothing of the mid to end 15th century, will say, war of the roses and so on.
Was made by a pro to fit me, top notch quali, hand sewn, and only worn at two events with the company of st. george.
It contains a doublet plus breeches, a gugel hat of late 15th, and a gugel hat of early til mid 15th, a arming doublet, and a linen pouch.
With this set come two cups of claced clay of the period for free.

Bought it all for about 1000.- euros new, want to have a fair price for it, so only serious interests please.
Send me an pm, and i will then send pics, measurements etc.

thanks, floedebolle

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Selling my 15th century reenactment stuff, a whole clothing!
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