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 kickstarter: Living Dungeon Tile Set PDF

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PostSubject: kickstarter: Living Dungeon Tile Set PDF   Wed 7 Aug 2013 - 5:04

Complex 77 is bringing out Living Dungeon Tile Set PDF.

I am looking at getting the Sci-fi bundle for 12.00 [so roughly $24NZD] which is not bad considering what you get for that.

Quote :
Our First PDF this set includes 35 Tile Sections, 9 Rooms, 1 Lift and 10 Doors. (Light Brown sections not included)

Quote :
Our second venture into the Sci-Fi realm, this set now includes the extra Flood tiles that make for a more dynamic and exciting adventure.

This set includes 51 tile sections, including Key areas and Flooded sections.

Quote :
Our best selling Sci-fi set includes 12 6x6 inch open tiles, bulkheads to block those unwanted gaps and oodles of doors.

pop on over and check them out. They have some great Fantasy dungeons and tiles.

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kickstarter: Living Dungeon Tile Set PDF
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