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 Step Aside

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PostSubject: Step Aside   Sun 9 Jun 2013 - 16:23

Basically I've wondered why the developers of Mordheim chose to put Dodge after the hit and Step Aside after wounding and after armour saves.
Is there some idea behind, and if so, what is it?
Rolling more/less dice?
Building up tension? "hit, wounded, armour save failed - only step aside left!"

And if it were to be changed, what would happen besides multiple wounds not having individual step aside saves and having to roll for stepping aside the individual hits (Step Aside on the sword is 'green' dice, Step Aside on the axe is 'blue' dice, etc.)

In general, the name is misleading and confusing for what it does anyway. I'm thinking about suggesting to change it, since we tend to forget Step Aside, and putting it 'up front' would cause for using it more than at the moment.
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PostSubject: Re: Step Aside   Sun 9 Jun 2013 - 23:45

It is basically treated just like the "Ward Saves" out of Warhammer Fantasy Battles. It's an unmodified save that can protect a warrior beyond normal means. Yes, it does seem like it's unrealistic to think the defender steps out of the way AFTER a blow lands. However, I've always treated the Dodge save the same as Step Aside in that it's taken after any failed armor saves. It could be an errata issue, since Mordheim in it's original form is buggy and far from perfect.
I would argue to make for an agreeable House Rule that all players could be satisfied with.
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Step Aside
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