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 Another Walking Dead Option Idea

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PostSubject: Another Walking Dead Option Idea   Another Walking Dead Option Idea Icon_minitimeThu 30 May 2013 - 13:04

Something I've been kicking around for a while and thought I would try and work it again. This isn't being used in any current Gaming. And I'm hoping for comments, ideas, and suggestions. Thank you.

Author’s Notes: I’m not really too concerned about slowing the Game down as more as for Dark Entertainment for my group.

Walking Dead

This is an option that can be added to most Scenarios. It was created to add another dark demission to the Game. (Could add extra Wyrdstone shards for this game)

Fluff story: “This place is quiet, too quiet. Even the air seems dead. No rats scurrying around in the ruble. Not even birds in the rafters or flying about. This place gives me the creeps. Wait, who are they? NO, it can’t be! RUN!”

Due to the abnormally high amount Wyrdstone and Wyrdstone dust that is in this area, the Arua of Choas is also high. (Could add extra Wyrdstone shards for this game) This has affected the dead in this area as well. The dead have risen and they are HUNGRY! Since they are not risen by any Necromancer Magic, they are free to walk about. Hence why these are referred to as “Walkers” (Could add extra Wyrdstone shards for this game)

Scenarios Note: There is no route check. Warriors must escape off the table’s edge to survive.

Not sure which case should be used: (Debatable Option 1) As the Walking Dead becomes an additional player as sorts. Warriors that don’t make it off the table’s edge are considered lost, dead and/or eaten, and remove them from the roster. Example: A “Living” warrior is in a building, ruin or somewhere high up, he becomes surrounded by walkers with no foreseeable way out. If he can not fight his way out or be rescued, he would be considered lost, dead and/or eaten. (Option 2) Or this warrior is OOA and roll for injury at games end as normal

(If Option 1, is used then, should it be also be: If a warrior is OOA, roll to injury chart to see if the Warrior is dead 11-15. If the warrior is not dead, then he must be carried off the table’s edge to survive or the Walkers will eat him) ((And I’d have to write up combat rules for saving the warrior from Walkers eating a warrior in base contact))

After terrain has been placed, roll D3 Walking Dead per Playing Warband, and place them near the center of the table.

Turn Sequence: Walking Dead go last in player’s rotation.

Spawning: On the Walking Dead’s turn roll a D6 for table edge they come in each turn. Then move as normal, Walker’s will not walk off the table.

M-D6* WS-4 BS-0 S-3 T-3 W-1 I-1 A-1** Ld-5

*Movement: Walkers move at random, D6 inches and Scatter Die. Yes, this could mean that it moved over normal M4 for Zombies, (Maybe, it thought it smelled something to eat.) If a walker has line of site to player’s warriors then the Walker will move toward that warrior normal M6 inches, (it looks tasty and is in a hurry).

**Charge: Walking Dead are Ravenous creatures that overpower their opponents when they charge. Walking Dead fight with 2 attacks instead of 1 during the turn they charge. “Must Feed!” Walkers are always hungry and seek out the living. They will charge the closest “Living” warrior. Walkers will charge past “undead” warriors i.e.: Zombies, Dire Wolves, Vampires, ect.

If and Undead warrior intercepts the Walker’s charge, the Walker will attempt to push past the Undead. Instead of attempting to wound, the Walker will try to push past, meaning on a successful roll to wound will only knock down the “undead” warrior, treat an OOA as a knock down. Each Walker’s turn, the Walker will attempt to break combat and charge the Living Warrior.

Climbing: Walkers will not climb walls, ladders, poles, ect. But will go up and down stairs, ramps, and inclines.
May not Run: Walking Dead are slow to react and may not run (but may charge normally).
Cause Fear: Walking Dead are terrifying creatures and therefore cause fear.
Immune to Psychology: Walking Dead are not affected by psychology and never leave combat, (unless its with an Undead Warrior).
Immune to Poison: Walking Dead are not affected by any poison.
No Pain: Walking Dead treat a ‘stunned’ result on the Injury chart as ‘knocked down’.
Corrosive Blood: If the Walking Dead loses a wound in close combat, anyone in base contact with the model suffers a Strength 3 hit (no critical hits) from the spurting corrosive blood.

+1 XP for Heroes for each Walking Dead taken OOA.
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Another Walking Dead Option Idea
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