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 Forest wrath - A wood elf warband

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PostSubject: Re: Forest wrath - A wood elf warband   Wed 16 Jan 2013 - 2:52

Its a very interesting warband that seem balanced enough.

There are a lot of interesting things in it. I should give it a try as it seem more ''fluffed'' than the one I've done.

I like the skills alot. However, tough it seems more balanced to have stats close to human stats, Elves are much older than human and for me its normal they are stronger and more skillfull than them...
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PostSubject: Re: Forest wrath - A wood elf warband   Fri 25 Jan 2013 - 8:18

Goglutin wrote:

So here is the latest version.


I used this Roster for playtesting in 5 fight against Lustria's Lizardmen.

Starting Roster - All 4 heroes and 1 henchmen Waywatcher
Lizardmen - All 4 heroes, 6 skink braves and a saurus brave.

Fight 1 : Skirmish : Victory - I won the battle but one of my wardancer died in result of an injury. Exploration did not brought enough money to buy it back now.

Fight 2 : Skirmish : Defeat - The map was very dense and I barely managed to shoot 2-3 times before being engaged by the two Sauruses. Retreated as soon as possible. No losses. Bought back the Wardancer and kept what was left to buy a second waywatcher later.

Fight 3 : Chance encounter: Crushing victory - The map was not so dense and I could shoot a lot before engaging in close combat. Forced a rout test on round 3. Opponent chose to flee. No loss. Bought a second Waywatcher, a Glade guard, armour for my leader and rabbit foot for 3 heroes with the tremendous 140 gold I won this game.

Fight 4 : Surprise attack (as attacker) : Crushing victory - Forced a rout test on round 3 with half the opponent warband still out of the table. He decided to retire, Bought a Dryad with the money. No loss.

Fight 5 : Occupy : Crushing defeat. - In order to ''occupy'' building I had to get close and the opponent warband at this point had 4 sauruses. The map was dense too So I could not shoot so much before close combat. I fled after My leader, My spellsigner, A Waywatcher and the dryad were down OOA. Losses : spellsigner = dead, Dryad = dead. Did not get much money. Bought back a spellsinger.

In conclusion, For what I see, the warband is not overpowered. I have a good ''shooting phase'' but if the map is dense and I did not put a few OOA before close combat I end up as the big loser. I was always outnumbered and was very lucky with my bows. I managed to score 2-3 critical hits in all my victories. After 5 battle My warband rating is just 26 point higher than my starting rating.

For the next battles, I'll be in better shape to fight. My new spellsinger got stampede of spirit (the old one had geyser strike) as a spell and my leader now have both quickshot and rain of arrows. One of the Waywatcher became a hero too ... so I now have 5 heroes.

I'll update after 4-5 other battles as the ''test campaign'' advance... lets see if the lizarmen manage to steal those lands to the elves ...

Nice to see it working out for you so far. I really like the concept of a shooty elite warband.

Trying to play something with henchmen with BS 5 would get me punched in the face by my gaming group after I rather sucessfully played Druchii in our last (my first) Campaign, but aside from that it seems like a powerful but interesting warband.
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Forest wrath - A wood elf warband
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