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 And I'm back....

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PostSubject: And I'm back....   Wed 3 Oct 2012 - 7:02

Hi Guys 'n Gals.

Calm down.. no no, we don't need the cheering... Smile

I know it's been a while since I've posted, real life has an amazing habit of getting in the way of modelling and gaming sometimes.

However, I've recently give myself a good, solid kick in the backside to actually do hobby stuff again (Well, that and it's good therapy following a mini-breakdown I had earlier in t'year), and in the past week have finished off 3 projects that have been sat on my painting table for the last 6 months half-finished.

Had a workshop movearound too so it's easier to get to various bits & bobs, so hopefully that should help me get more stuff out... I'm planning to have the ruins from my Kleindorf Wip thread Here actually finished in the next week or so - It's another of those things that has sat there half finished for 6 months.

Now, just to catch up on 6 months worth of board posts....
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PostSubject: Re: And I'm back....   Wed 3 Oct 2012 - 7:34

WELCOME BACK...I can take the candle out of the window now! cheers
Sometimes these breaks caused by CRUEL Reality can add more interest to our Fantasy Works...or not. It will be good to see your works progress...have FUN! clown
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And I'm back....
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