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 another Bolerus Orcs Battle report

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PostSubject: another Bolerus Orcs Battle report   Mon 25 Aug 2008 - 16:00

Skaag couldnt quite shake the lingering feeling, he felt.. what could only be called wrong. In recent weeks his orcs had been victorious over man, dwarf and Skaven alike, he had no reason to feel fear, but yet something was wrong.

Looking over his troops, all seemed as planned, spread out searching for food or anything they could use, or even if they were lucky perhaps a shard or two of precious wrydstone.

One of the squigs seemed skitish, a sight that only amplified Skaags own trepidation. He moved towards the goblin hearder intent on "persuading" the little one to use his prodder as he was trained else feel its points itself.

Before raising a hand in persuasion, Skaag stopped something was here, something unexpected, something new.

Then it appeared, a dark shape in the shadows inside a burnt out stable, revealed for a moment as it shuffled into a single line of moonlight drifting between the rafters of the building.

Before Skaag could bark any orders, perhaps realising it had been spotted, perhaps on some instinct, the beast charged forward grasping an orc boy around the throat and crushing his windpipe before the poor slob even knew he was in trouble.

Rat Ogre

Orc boys charged the beast, while goblins took positions to pepper the lumbering death machine.

Skaag was a seasoned leader, he knew the rat ogre was too stupid to hide in the shadows without orders. He scanned around, and there they were, Skaven, clan Eshin by the looks of them.

He quickly looked to Torash the strange little shaman, he too had seen the enemy and was already casting one of his potent spells.

Skaag motioned to the Squig herder and ran down the street, with the goblin and the squigs in the hope to flank the cowardly rat men.

He sensed more than saw the fire of gork burst past his shoulder then heard the scream as the black skaven fell dead at his feet, the sneak had been hiding, and would have gotten the drop on Skaag. again Torash had proved his worth. Not only had the spell saved the orc leader from being blind sided but it had also iluminated the bulk of the skaven force hiding in the rooftops and on gantries.

Skaag saw the victory in his mind, all he had to do was get behind the skaven and slay them before the Rat Ogre could cause too much damage.

The plan was sound and would have secured an easy battle if not for the 5 giant rats waiting behind a wall in ambush.

just a few feet away the rat ogre chewed through the orcs like that were sheep in a field, goblins peppered the beast again and again without much effect. Torash burned another skaven this armed with dripping blades.

The Giant rats meanwhile, atacked the Squigs in a miniture swarm, actually slaying 2 of them before Skaag and his little mini band was able to dispatch them, it was an easy skirmish but it held them up for a few precious moments.

The battle raged, Ackah and Choppah sought and and slew a skaven spell thrower, but still the orcs were being beaten back, the damn Rat ogre causing casualty after casualty. Skaag was in two minds whether to rally his troops against the giant beast or to seek out its puppet master, for surely the skaven leader must be close, and there he was crouching in cover, trying to sneak his way towards torash who was chanting again.

Skaag charged at the opposing leader screaming his challenge, the assasin stepped into a fighting stance. The two leaders met in a flash of steel fur and blood. The combat was hard fought untill, as was always to be the way, Skaag stood victorious.

The skaven fought on for a moment longer then turned and ran from the field.

Skaags orcs had once again been victorious, but the cost had been high, of his band of 17 only 12 had survived, and of those several had injuries that would need real attention.
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PostSubject: Re: another Bolerus Orcs Battle report   Mon 25 Aug 2008 - 17:00

Keep them coming.
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PostSubject: Re: another Bolerus Orcs Battle report   Mon 25 Aug 2008 - 17:03

Nice job! I love reading battle reports that are more story than numbers and dice rolls. Very Happy Cathayan Monk 1 Keep em coming!!
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PostSubject: Re: another Bolerus Orcs Battle report   Tue 26 Aug 2008 - 7:19


Each chapter of your continuing saga is better & more entertaining than the ones before; considering how much I've enjoyed the stories from the first onward, this is QUITE AN ACCOMPLISHMENT! Keep up the GOOD WORK , AND WELL DONE! thumbsup
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PostSubject: Re: another Bolerus Orcs Battle report   

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another Bolerus Orcs Battle report
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