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 The Final Flight

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PostSubject: The Final Flight   Fri 29 Jun 2012 - 4:40

As real life rears its ugly head, we've found it an increasing struggle to keep our Luncheim wanderings around Vercuso going.
So it was with great reluctance we decided to have our last hurrah. Here's our accounts of the final game:

The Final Flight

Quote :
Vercuso had been a quiet place for some time. Old salty dogs in the many infamous inns of the town were mumbling that looked a lot like the calm before the storm. And they couldn’t have been more right. The Mermaid Emporium was sighted and news of a Storm of Magic of epic proportion heading to Vercuso spread panic. Ships were assaulted as people tried to leave the doomed town. The unworthy scum plaguing the town started pillaging and looting. The infamous fighters of the Lock & Quay were freed and joined in the depredations. Unsavoury characters reappeared, again intent in mysterious businesses. But as more and more sinister happenings occur and the roaring clouds get closer, they realize it is time to leave. Unfortunately, only a single ship is left at the docks. Who will make their escape and who will be doomed?

[quote=Godfather Viktor]Here you go![/quote]

Quote :
The Final Flight
The Winds had started to blow way too violently for any sensible individual to remain in Vercuso.

No surprise, the first to get their loot together and prepare to run were the notorious Gordo, his diminutive companions and their pack of rabid pigs.

The unruly Chimeras were still intent in ransacking a building and some of their mates could not be seen.

One Eyed Willy led the Gentlemen of the Inferno out of the mist.

In their usual sneaky fashion, the Plague Covenant scuttled toward the clearest way to the harbour.

In the distance, the Wreckers pushed forward the frenzied Jolly Roger.

Only to find their way blocked by Raziel and his coterie of corpse-eaters.

Granny Faddock and the pigs sprinted forward, the halflings legging behind them.

Infectius hurled its mass against the ranked up Gentlemen.

While the rest of the Covenant sprinted forward, save for a Disciple getting himself some breakfast.

As the mist cleared, the Gentlemen's gunner realised he had a nice, clear shot for his blunderbuss.

Some fell undead got caught in the thunderous explosion, but it was the Chimeras that bore the brunt of it.

Turgut didn't like that and charged headlong.

Big Uluk and Badbad joined their crew, wondering how they could have already lost so many hands.

For good measure, Old Murrat kicked the downed gunner in the gut, while Infectius was still rampaging trought the other Gentlemen.

Conan, Raziel's favoured pit fighter, took the chance to settle some old scores with Jolly Roger.

Raziel took his pet and the ghouls against the Chimera's rearguard.

The Wreckers showed what navy discipline his and without even flinching charged the undead...

...giving their mates a chance to run for the ship!

As eldritch lighting fell from the enraged skies, the Plague Covenant squirted the musk of fear and scattered.

The fight between Infectius, the gentlemen and the Chimeras continued. The Ratogre seemed unstoppable.

In another flash of lighting, Willy took shelter behind a makeshift barricade, Sinbag hot on his tail.

Turgut wisely stood out of Infectius' reach and stomped on one of the brute's victims.

The Chimeras' officers reached the safety of the colonial house.

The Covenant got even more spread, leaving Malatesta on the ground.

The Gentlemen considered taking the fight to the Chimeras in the colonial house.

Gordo's halflings legged forward, leaving Mad Max and Granny to cover their backs.

Some of their pigs stopped for a snack.

Raziel mercylessly slaughtered the Wrecker's captain.

Mr Bell emerged from the wizard tower and wispered honeyed words into Granny's filthy hear...

...sending her against Skabius, who was quickly rolled over.

The missing halfling, the quickfingered Faygin Bolger cleverly waiting for his friends on the ship, was smelled by a couple of hungry zombies.

A recently dead prisoner left the Prison Tower and dragged itself toward Festerus.

The Gentlmen decided cutlasses were no good against the orcs, so opened fire again with their second blunderbuss.

Turgut and Infectius kept smashing the Gentlemen rear line while Poxus and Blisterus showered them with stones.

The Wreckers were down to a man and a monkey surrounded by undead...

...and three more men wondering what was awaiting them in the darkness of the Hole in the Wall Inn.

A bunch of ghouls creeped toward the Chimeras.

The beguiling silouette of a Daemonette materialised in front of Willy and Stinky Pete. A roar of pistols sent her back to the Realm of Chaos.

The dead prisoner dragged Festerus down.

Peeping above the gunwhales, Faygin leveled his crossbow-pistol against the incoming zombies.

Raziel's Werewolf threw itself against Infectius.

The Vampire supervised his ghouls taking over the colonial house.

While a D'reg, bravely but uselessly,stood against another pack of carrion-eaters.

As ghastly tentacles emerged from the old chapel, Little Bilius sliced some bacon.

Infectius continued its rampage. The hooded Ratogre really was unstoppable.

A zombie finally managed to climb over the ship and enjoyed some top quality halfling brain.

Mr Bell continued his scheming against the Covenant and summoning a flight of arrows felled Bilius.

More zombies dragged themselves from the ground and feasted on halflings.

A Plague Disciple and a Filthy Staff circled Mad Max and prepared to mug Gordo himself.

And then Little Bilius, his belly full of pork, made for the ship and set sail.

As the sole Plague Covenant survivor, the Plaguelords will have surely rewarded him. After all, who could doubt he was behind the demise of Vercuso and all the warriors who had fought for it?
Thank you all, guys! It has been a wonderful time!

[quote=WarbossKurgan]Here's my photos...


The little ones start running!

The Chimeras get blasted...

Raziel's get blown over...

And take it out on the corsairs...

The Boss and his cronies leave them to it...

The Wreckers get stuck in...

Badbad gets sliced up...

Were there undead everywhere?

"We'll be safe in 'ere!"

It's chaos on the streets!

Here come the Gentlemen... with their little friend! Say hello...



Wait... What?


"Zog this!"



Vercuso is a scene of devastation

The increasingly violent storms of magic is making the ursed town to dangerous for even it's famed scum to survive there.

The last remaining warbands realise there's only a single ship abandoned at the dockside and there's a mad scramble to reach it first.

The Honourable Cap'n One Eye'd Willy and The Gentlemen of the Inferno are enjoying Chuck Norris's Stag Night whilst Timmy the lookout spots the other warbands surrounding them.

Errol Thinn, Bloody Big Brian ( & Timmy) Taptap Jack, Butcher Bob and Stinky Pete

Butcher Bob, Stinky Pete, One Eye'd Willy, Lobster and Crab

Dapper Dan & Blind Phew

Snr & Jnr

Squinty Steve and Pedro de la Pistola

And finally Chuck Norris (The Stag)

& the Hen party

the bride to be

the race for the ship begins!

The Wreckers! Are you reeeadddy?!

Raziel's Court! Are you reeeadddy?!

The Chimeras! Are you reeeadddy?!

The Gentlemen of the Inferno! Are you reeeadddy?!

The Plague Covenant! Are you reeeadddy?!

Granny Faddock & Gordo! Are you reeeadddy?!


Chaos predictably ensues as Gordo takes jumps the start and races towards the ship whilst the Rat Ogre attacks the nearest enemy.
The Gentlemen make a run for it also whilst a few stragglers hold of the giant beast

Squinty Steve primes his underbarrel blunderbuss and takes a shaky aim at the Chimeras, blowing 3 of them away!

Angrily the Greenies bring on their own big weapon and plow into their surrounding foes.

The Plague Covenant and Pirates continue their sprint to the ship!

The scuttling rodents making better progress

Granny decides to head the furry pests off at the cross roads though

While crab the cabin boy spots more orcs in their firing line!

Watch out, there's ghoulies about

And deep discussion about who landed the largest catch of the day

Disturbingly dark clouds gather and with a crack of lighting, a tear in reality throws through a deamon into the pirates midst!

Another blunderbuss takes aim, whilst the bride groom to-be readies an ambush

There's still fisticuffs at the start line!

Raziel can't help but express his frustration!

The Wreckers send 3 of their troop forward to secure the ship

But with another crack of magical lightning the dead rise and clamber to the waiting vessel.
Vercuso is so uninhabitable that even the dead want to leave!!!

wait how did that halfling get there?!

Can he hold off the zombies?...


The zombies somehow manage to take control of the ship and sail off into the horizon, leaving the warbands to their doom on the fated isle Sad [/quote]
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PostSubject: Re: The Final Flight   Fri 29 Jun 2012 - 5:44

It is truly sad to see a Gaming Group as GREAT as the Luncheim Fellowship break up. It had been some time since the last update & I was wondering if all was well with you...Life can be Oh-So-Cruel. Crying or Very sad

It does look like you went out at the top of your game. WONDERFUL PHOTOS & REPORT! thumbsup
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PostSubject: Re: The Final Flight   Fri 29 Jun 2012 - 6:02

Ah cruel world! I live in hopes of the reunion tour.

Thank you for sharing your bang up send off.
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PostSubject: Re: The Final Flight   

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The Final Flight
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