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 Imperial guard squad from Vostroya

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PostSubject: Imperial guard squad from Vostroya   Thu 21 Jun 2012 - 4:25

Hello pals,
i decided to give Death Squad a shot

I am playing Warmachine, so i use the Khador minis for my Vostroyan Squad. You already know them parttially from my Kislev warband.

First one my captain: The mini is the OOP Irusk from the Khador range (comissioned work):

The next mini is one of my favortie as first Lieutenant and future sniper of the squad comissioned work)::

The second Lieutenant is also a fine mini and unfortuantels one of my earlier works. The eyes needs and urgent rework. It show it nevertheless:

The two sergeants the left one painted by me three right one was a commissioned work: pistol (axe/combatknife


The first recruit is a favorite of mine an Ogryn (Herne, commissioned work)

then i start is one Heavy weapon specialist with a grenade launcher:

the next one i an pistol CK/ axe infantery man (comissioned work):

Three close combat infanmterymen:

the two on the right were painted by me, but i think you see the differences already.

Another range combat guy:

So i hope you like the concept of the squad, although these are not GW/ original 40k minis.
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Imperial guard squad from Vostroya
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