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 Kingdoms of Ind: Yaksha Rangers

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PostSubject: Kingdoms of Ind: Yaksha Rangers   Wed 2 May 2012 - 2:26

So these guys are a bit silly, but they might be fun to play. Basically 'forest dwarves,' these guys don't have the armour or the technological advantages of normal Dwarves, but make up for it with larger numbers, and a bit of rune magic. I'm thinking of possibly making a Yaksha brew-master or something for a hired sword. Anyway- feedback and suggestions much appreciated.

Yaksha Rangers

Wary are those that encounter the Yaksha. Short and stout, they have a fearsome reputation in battle, and with a well known tendancy to remember grudges, Ind kingdoms are always keen to make sure any alliances are always maintained. Kubera is the name of their King, a Yaksha of great wealth and girth. Imperial explorers have commented on the similarities between the Yaksha and the Dwarves of their own lands. How deep this connection goes remains unknown but the Yaksha are definitely unique from their kindred in their habitation being in the great jungle-forests of Ind. They are known as great carvers and hunters, with a fondness for both gold and brewed alcohols. Wild in their ways, Yaksha Rangers patrol the borders of their lands, searching for those that might threaten their clan-tribes in anyway.

Max. size 15 models. Minimum 3.

Special Rules
Hard to Kill: Yaksha are tough, resilient individuals who can only be taken Out Of Action on a roll of 6 instead of 5-6 when rolling on the Injury chart. Treat a roll of 1-2 as Knocked Down, 3-5 as Stunned, and 6 as Out Of Action.
Hard Head: Yaksha ignore the special rules for maces, clubs, etc. They are not easy to knock out!
Armor: Yaksha never suffer movement penalties for wearing armor.
Grudgebearers: Yaksha hold ancient grudges against Devas and Naga from the days when the races fought for supremacy in the Old World. A Yaksha warband may never include any kind of Deva or Naga Hired Sword or Dramatis Personae.
Masters of the Forests: Yaksha spend much of their lives in the Ind forests exploring and they are the expert rangers. In the kingdoms of Ind they apply similar skills to the search for Deva Stones. When checking for Deva stones at the end of a game, add +1/-1 to the result of any one exploration roll.
Jungle Born: All Naga can move through jungle terrain without penalty.


1 Forest Father
80 Gold Crowns to Hire
A long bearded Yaksha has the respect of those around him. Forest Father's have known the jungle for a great many years, they lead their rangers through the dangers and perils the jungles of Ind produce.

3 5 4 3 4 1 2 1 9

Weapons/Armour: May choose weapons and armour from the Yaksha Warriors list.

Special Rules
Leader: Any models in the warband within 6" of the Vayu may use his Leadership instead of their own.

0-3 Yaksha Rangers
30 Gold Crowns to Hire
Having the most contact with outsiders gives them greater knowledge of foreign equipment. With wild black beards and ranged weaponry, Yaksha Rangers are fearsome warriors to fight with, especially within their home territory.

3 3 3 3 4 1 2 1 8

Weapons/Armour: May choose weapons and armour from the Yaksha Ranger list.

0-1 Rune Carver
40 Gold Crowns to Hire
A Rune Carver holds a sacred place within a Yaksha clan. Holding the power to create runes of power, a Rune Carver is said to be even able to animate wood.

3 4 3 3 4 1 2 1 8

Weapons/Armour: May choose weapons and armour from the Yaksha Warrior list.

Special Rules
Runes: Before each game the Rune Carver creates a Rune that maybe given to a hero to be used. See Rune Table at end of list.


Yaksha Kinsfolk
35 Gold Crowns to Hire
The backbone of Yaksha's close-nit forest clans, Yaksha are tough, stubborn and skilled in a fight.

3 4 3 3 4 1 2 1 8

Weapons/Armour: May choose weapons and armour from the Yaksha Warrior List.

0-5 No-Beards
20 Gold Crowns to Hire
In Ind, an alliance exists between the Yaksha and the small pigmy-type folk, known to them as 'No-Beards.' Not nearly as tough or resiliant as the Yaksha, they make up for it with their marksmanship and their cooking skills.

4 2 4 2 2 1 4 1 8

Weapons/Armour: May choose weapons from the No-Beard List.
Not Yaksha: If No-Beards ever become heroes they can only take shooting and speed skills.

0-1 Tree Man
170 gold crowns to hire.
Using his sacred knowledge a Rune Carver may create a Tree Man, animating dead wood into a living creation. Some say that the Rune Carver merely uses his runes to trap a Wood Spirit to work for him.

5 4 0 4 4 3 4 2 7

Weapons/Armor: A nasty temper and powerful limbs.

Special Rules:

Fear: A Tree Man causes Fear.
Barkskin: A Tree Man has a 4+ armor save.
Spirit: Immune to Poisons.
Vulnerable to Fire: A Tree Man receives double wounds from fire attacks.
Immune to Psychology: A Tree Man never needs to take All Alone Tests nor is it affected by Fear.
Animated Wood: A Tree Man cannot gain experience.

Skill Lists
Combat Shooting Academic Strength Speed Special
Forest Father x x x x - x
Ranger x x - - - x
Rune Carver x - - x - x

Yaksha Special Skills
Yaksha Heroes may use the following Skill table instead of any of the standard Skill tables available to them.

Infiltration: This skill is exactly the same as the Skaven skill of the same name.
Nimble of Foot: The Yaksha is especially nimble and light footed, he may take Speed skills from now on.
Rune Expert: The Rune Carver is epecially well practiced at creating Runes, he may reroll the rune he creates before the battle once. This skill may only be taken by Rune Carver.
True Grit: Yaksha are hardy individuals and this Hero is hardy even for a Yaksha When rolling on the Injury table for this Hero, a roll of 1-3 is treated as Knocked Down, 4-5 as Stunned, and 6 as Out Of Action.
Thick Skull: The Hero has a thick skull, even for a Yaksha. He has a 3+ save on a D6 to avoid being Stunned. If the save is made, treat a Stunned result as Knocked Down instead.
Berserker: The Hero may add +1 to his close combat ‘to hit’ rolls during the turn in which he charges.
Runes of Dispelling: The Hero has runes carved into his flesh which gives him a a 6+ save against all spells.

Yaksha Runes
A Rune Carver rolls on this table before a battle, to see what rune he has created. The Rune may be given to any hero, and it only lasts one battle.

1. Runes of Might- +1 Str (only in close combat)
2. Runes of Sight- +1 BS
3. Runes of Fury- The bearer is frenzied for this battle.
4. Runes of Shielding- +1 to Armour Save.
5. Runes of Flight- +1 M
6. Runes of Luck- Counts as a lucky charm.

Yaksha Equipment

Yaksha Ranger List

Melee Weapons
Dagger – first free/2 gc
Club/Hammer – 3gc
Axe – 5gc
Yaksha Axe – 15gc *

Range Weapons
Throwing Axe – 15gc (counts as throwing knives)
Bow – 10gc
Crossbow – 25gc
Handgun - 40gc

Helmet – 10gc
Shield – 5gc
Light ar. – 20gc

Yaksha Warrior List

Melee Weapons
Dagger – first free/2 gc
Club/Hammer – 3gc
Axe – 5gc
Yaksha Axe – 15gc*
Spear – 10gc
Double Handed Wpn – 15gc
Flail – 15gc

Range Weapons
Throwing Axe – 15gc (counts as throwing knives)

Helmet – 10gc
Shield – 5gc
Light ar. – 20gc

Yaksha Ale – 50gc**

*Yaksha Axe – 15gc: Strength: As User, Special Rules: Cutting Edge, Parry
** Yaksha Ale – 50gc (Yaksha Heroes only): Roll a d6 for each member, on a 1 (or a 1-2 for No Beards) the member is blind drunk and must miss the next battle, for everyone else, all Ld checks can be rerolled for the next battle, though the second result stands.

No-Beard Equipment List

Melee Weapons
Dagger – first free/2 gc
Club/Hammer – 3gc
Axe – 5gc

Range Weapons
Short Bow – 5gc
Bow – 10gc
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Kingdoms of Ind: Yaksha Rangers
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