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 Ostander Warband

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PostSubject: Ostander Warband   Sun 1 Apr 2012 - 8:18

I've never played Ostander before, but was fed up with my pit-fighters and thought I'd keep the ogre and leave the annoying equipment choices behind.

My idea is to go max heroes, Ogre, and slowly build up a 7 man Jaeger/Blunberbuss group, filling in the rest of the slots with drunks and extra dogs once skilled.

I'm wondering if anyone else has played Ostander and has any advice for short-term or long-term strategy.

Starting Warband atm (using house rules, so shields are awesome):

Elder, Sword, Shield (60+15) 75gc
Priest, Sword, Shield (45+15) 60gc
Blood Brother1, Spear, Shield (35+15) 50gc
Blood Brother2, Spear, Shield (35+15) 50gc
Heroes: 4 @ 235gc
Ogre, Sword, Axe (160+15) 175gc
Jaeger, Blunderbuss (25+30) 55gc
Ruffian, Sword (25+10) 35gc
Henchmen, 3@265gc

Warband Rating: 111, 7 Models, 0gc

Plan for warband is to go Animal Friendship and Taunt, and probably pick up a 2nd ogre (hired sword) mid game.
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PostSubject: Re: Ostander Warband   Sun 1 Apr 2012 - 10:09

Ostlanders were my only long-term human warband and I played them through several campaigns. However I played them in a slightly manic style with plenty of ruffians and blunderbusses so I cant give much tactical advice.

I will say the Ogre is probably the Ostlanders' biggest strength so its a must in my opinion. I would suggest swapping the ruffian's sword out for a cheaper weapon, just so your jaeger can have one too. The Blunderbuss has a mediorce range and only fires once, so there's a good chance the jaeger will end up in combat, something I never like to see model do with only a dagger. Even if he isn't drawn into combat, if the shot fails to have much impact, you've got 10% of your starting warband standing around for the rest of the game doing nothing and having no impact.

Two Ogres in one warband would be quite a fierce prospect, and Animal Friendship allowing for two 'free' warhounds doesn't hurt either.

In my experience, the Noveau Riche rule isn't as important as it at first appears due to the 50% counting after you've hired new members, though it did lead to all my heroes toating at least one pistol by mid-campaign. It did encourage me to invest in men however, and by late campaign I had a full warband with six heroes, and so after a few successful post-battle rolls decided to invest in a Hochland long rifle!

Really I think the Ostlanders are alot of fun to play and much like Orcs in way, a slightly chaotic approach is both enjoyable and effective. By unit of ruffians (the stag night I called them) became the terror of the Undead
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PostSubject: Re: Ostander Warband   Sun 1 Apr 2012 - 22:24

I have played Osterlanders several times and I enjoy them. I agree with what Jape has said.

Note that the "Noveau Riche" warband rule has been dropped from the official rules even though it still appears in the PDF that is floating around.
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PostSubject: Re: Ostander Warband   

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Ostander Warband
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