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 Wyrd Ball

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PostSubject: Wyrd Ball   Wed 28 Mar 2012 - 20:04

This is a scenario engineered to be a gladiatorial style sporting event for Mordheim rules.

Scenario 777 –Wyrd-Ball
From a distance, this Scenario looks more like a sport than a battle, but the game is deadly! A spherical chunk of meteorite has been found, and while one warband was lucky enough to find it first, other warbands are racing to claim it.
Each player takes it in turns to place a piece of terrain set up within an area roughly
4’ x 4’. Set a 2”x2” object in the middle to represent the Meteor (doesn’t have to be a sphere, even though it acts like one). Make sure there is a path (doesn’t have to be direct) for the Meteor to move to any of the 4 sides (or corners).
The defenders (Lowest warband rating, or highest roll for multiplayer) deploy within 6” of the sphere (so within 8” of the middle of the board).
The attacker(s) deploys 4” from any table edge.
Multiplayer Rules(3+ warbands)
For multiplayer games, each attacking warband staggers their deployment. Roll a D6 for each hero and henchman group before the game and at the beginning of each of their turns. On a 4+, that hero or henchman group can be deployed up to 4” from any table edge, but never within charge range of another warrior, not including the Meteor.
Special Rules
• The Meteor (and pushers) move before each turn, before the Recovery Phase, with the warband with the most models controlling the movement direction. (yes, Meteor pushers move a lot). The warband in control of the Meteor’s movement determines how their warriors are placed next to the Meteor after it moves first, and then the other warriors can be placed according to turn order.
• Any warrior starting in base to base with the Meteor is not hit by the Meteor, but is engaged in a rolling battle. These warriors cannot run or charge, even to keep up with Meteor.
• If there are 8 warriors on the Meteor when it collides with an object, randomly decide which model gets hit by the Meteor as it collides. If the Meteor hits an odd shaped object or corner, determine how many warriors are hit, and randomly assign that many hits to different warriors.
• The Meteor is too heavy to carry, but is spherical enough to roll. The Meteor is difficult to control, so when trying to move the Meteor, indicate a direction and roll a D6. On a 1 or 2, the Meteor moves 45° to the left, on a 3 or 4 it doesn’t deviate, and on a 5 or 6 it moves 45° to the right.
• The Meteor only moves 1” per warrior pushing, but the movement total is reduced by 1” for each enemy warrior’s ‘Push-Back’.
• If the same warrior is pushing the Meteor for more than 1 turn and the Meteor hasn’t stopped moving for any reason and there are no enemy warriors pushing, add 1” for the Meteor’s movement (this can stack for each warrior in base to base with the Meteor).
• If the Meteor moves into a warrior, it causes its movements value in strength damage to wound (hits automatically). Heroes with Step Aside, Lightning Reflexes or Dodge can avoid the Meteor on a 5+ (move the warrior directly out of the way of the Meteor and the pushers), however a warrior surviving the Meteor’s damage can join the push battle if there is room. A warrior knocked down by the Meteor may move (roll) out of its way, but a warrior stunned by the Meteor is automatically OOA (no Serious Injury rolls for warriors taken OOA by the Meteor).
• Buildings and terrain the Meteor hits may affect the Meteor, for example, water reduces the Movement by 1”, hitting a building stops the Meteor that turn, and hitting small terrain may destroy the terrain on a roll of 5+ (otherwise the Meteor stops). If the Meteor hits, or even starts at an angle to a building regarding movement direction, move X and Y axis separately for movement, however if the movement is impaired in anyway, the Meteor counts as being stopped.
• Every time the Meteor hits a building and stops, roll a D6. On a roll of 6, a Wyrdstone breaks loose. All Heroes in base contact with the Meteor roll D6 + Initiative to grab the Wyrdstone. If no Heroes are in base contact, henchmen can roll D6+ Initiative. If no warriors are in base contact, place a Wyrdstone shard counter in base contact with the Meteor, which can be picked up as normal. Any Warrior taken OOA with a Wyrdstone shard gets it stolen by the warrior taking them OOA.
• The Meteor is 2”x2”, so no more than 8 warriors can push the Meteor at any one time. Warriors in base to base with each other but touching the Meteor are not in combat, and any warrior in base to base with the Meteor can do nothing but push the Meteor (unless they move off the Meteor). Any warriors in base to base with an enemy who is not touching the Meteor is moved away from base to base with the Meteor to show that they are in hand to hand combat.
Starting the Game
Attacker starts the game (All attacking warbands roll off for multiplayer, defender is always last).
Ending the Game
No rout tests, but you can voluntarily rout if Ľ of your warband is OOA.
Game ends when the Meteor rolls off the table, or all other warbands have routed.
The winning warband is the last standing, or the warband controlling the Meteor’s movement the turn it rolls off the field. The winning warband receives +D3 shards from the Meteor.
+1- Survives: If a Hero or Henchman group survives the battle they gain +1 Experience.
+1- Winning Leader: The Leader of the winning warband gains +1 Experience.
+1- Per Enemy Out Of Action BY THE METEOR: The WHOLE Warband controlling the Meteor that turn receives +1 Experience for each enemy taken OOA (including stunned) by the Meteor.
+1- Winning Wyrdball: Each Hero controlling the Meteor’s movement the turn it goes off the field gets +1 Experience. Each henchmen adds +1 to the henchmen group’s total experience (ex., 3 henchman from the same group pushing the Meteor off the table earn +3 for the group).
+1-Wyrdstone Shard: Each Hero or Henchmen group holding a Wyrdstone Shard gains +1 Experience per Shard.
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Wyrd Ball
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