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 Cartoon charcters 28mm models ?

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PostSubject: Cartoon charcters 28mm models ?   Fri 16 Mar 2012 - 9:21

ok, i found one at hasselfree.com, and then i saw Heroclixs ones, but I was wondering if there were any more.
(not sure were to put this topic.)
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PostSubject: Re: Cartoon charcters 28mm models ?   Fri 16 Mar 2012 - 16:39

For some reason the image isn't coming up for me.

But, depending on whether or not you're after specific characters, honestly I think gumball machines and that sort of thing are often really the best way to go for cartoon characters, it's just a matter of actually tracking them down.

A lot of video game characters are made into collectible figurines, too. I know there are a ton of ~1-1.5" tall Super Mario figures and there have been a few runs of Legend of Zelda collectible figures too (based on the cell-shaded Wind Waker/Four Swords look).
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PostSubject: Re: Cartoon charcters 28mm models ?   Sat 17 Mar 2012 - 2:47

thanx Smile
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PostSubject: Re: Cartoon charcters 28mm models ?   

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Cartoon charcters 28mm models ?
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