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 [Tutorial] Late autumn woodland bases (EiF, BTB, WHFB)

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Admin Tom
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PostSubject: [Tutorial] Late autumn woodland bases (EiF, BTB, WHFB)   Thu 7 Aug 2008 - 16:19

Here's a little guide to how I made the bases for my wood elves.

You will need:

- PVA glue
- Sand flock
- Snow flock
- Leaf litter
- Milliput (or any other modelling putty that you are comfortable with)
- Toothpics (for modelling the putty and spreading the glue)
- A good (large) brush
- 3 brown paints

The root (look closely) and the stone I made out out of milliput. Then I

flocked with sand, basecoated and drybrushed. Then I added "leaf
litter" and finally I applied my self made "snow paste". Tadaaa!

How it's done:

1 - Put some putty on the base.

2 - Sculpt the putty into roots with a toothpick or a needle by drawing longitudinal lines.

3 - With a modelling knife make little transversal "cuts" in the roots to simulate cracks in the bark.

4 and 5 - Spread out some PVA and flock with sand

6 - Basecoat

7 - Drybrush with dark brown (Marón cuero or Scorched brown)

8 - Drybrush with light brown (Uniforme Inglés or Snakebite Leather)

9 - Drybrush with beige (Arena Oscura or Bleached Bone)

10 - Apply leaf litter

11 - Apply "snow paste". Done!

Making snow paste
50/50% mix of PVA/Water. Add snow flock until you have a thick paste.


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PostSubject: Re: [Tutorial] Late autumn woodland bases (EiF, BTB, WHFB)   Wed 17 Sep 2008 - 4:39

Thanks a lot, Tom! This tutorial has been very helpful to me as making a snow paste is much trickier than you would think... Suspect
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PostSubject: Re: [Tutorial] Late autumn woodland bases (EiF, BTB, WHFB)   Wed 17 Sep 2008 - 5:22

I have a slightly different approach to the "snow":

  1. The areas I intend to have snow I do with blue sand [natural color sand is also okay]. This is AFTER the ground cover sand has been applied.
  2. I then do a wash over the blue sand with a light blue [Baby Blue]. The blue undercoat adds a cold effect.
  3. AFTER the mini has been otherwise completed AND a protective spray finish applied, a coat of a slightly watered down 50%white paint/50% tacky glue is applied over the blue sand [NEATNESS COUNTS! Suspect ].
  4. A mix of equal parts Snow flock [I use Woodland Scenics] & Hudson & Allen Slush is sprinked over the white paint/glue areas. Blow excess off & lightly brush off any that gets where it SHOULDN'T be, like on the mini.

The Hudson & Allen Slush has tiny Mica chips in the mix which add a sparkly effect to the "snow', which is why it's applied AFTER the protective finish. The H&S Slush ALSO has a bit of powder glue in the mix which will react to the water in the paint/glue coat for a stronger coat & necessiates the removal of the mix from unwanted spots. Additional layers CAN be applied for greater texture or depth.

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PostSubject: Re: [Tutorial] Late autumn woodland bases (EiF, BTB, WHFB)   

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[Tutorial] Late autumn woodland bases (EiF, BTB, WHFB)
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