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 [Wanted] Mordheim (metal) mercenaries

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PostSubject: [Wanted] Mordheim (metal) mercenaries   Tue 20 Dec 2011 - 1:11

Hi guys,

I'm currently looking for these 3 figs:

Middenheim champion (the one on the right):

Marienburg champion: (one-eyed guy on the right):

Reiklander captain (and -once more- the one on the right):

Preferably for trade (I have other GW WHFB-40K / Confrontation / Warmachine / Pulp / (W)WWII, and much more...), otherwise paypal might fit as well.
If you have these figures and would like to trade or sell them, please send me a PM.

Concerning shipping; I'm located in Belgium.

Thank you,
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[Wanted] Mordheim (metal) mercenaries
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