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 The dark land of Sylvania

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PostSubject: The dark land of Sylvania   Thu 8 Dec 2011 - 13:36

Hi guys, as i said here we've just started a Sylvanian campaign, using Sylvania setting. We're 6 players, me with vampire hunters, Agron with middenheimers, then we have skaven , shadow warrior, necrarch and dark elves.
We have some home rules, the most important i think is that light armor gives 5+ save and heavy armor gives 4+, gromril 4+. We also have some minor tweak on the setting but nothing important.
We proceed this way: we want to be a narrative campaign so every game has a story, and in turn everything of us create a scenario to be played by other 2 or 3 warbands, that are mostly choosen randomly. We have some game played so i'll (slowly) try to make some report!!

THE DARKEST LAND (intro scenario)

general rules: we play all together an hack'n slash scenario (yeah this was not so much narrative) with the only extra rule that, starting from 5th turn, a die is rolled: on 6+ the games end, on 6th on 5+ and on 7th the game ends for sure. This is because the night is so dark that no one can see anything. Also, from tombs con roll of 6+ every turn (rolled for each tomb) (you can see tomb counters here and there) a zombie is created to the nearest zombies group. Finally, every treasure token (barrels) has 1d6 gold in it and if 1 is rolled, a treasure is found.

we roll for darkness and "1" is rolled, so models see 6"away (perfect for the story behind it), and we all roll tons of zombies (like, 16)

the table itself

the game from the ZPV (zombie's point of view Very Happy )

skaven are deployed in the forest

the fearless mercenaries behind the biggest structure Wink

the four (yeah.... four... what can you do, life is hard for a dark elf nowadays)

after the first turn, zombies charge elves

(well they charge dark elves too, 1 turn 1 dark elf dead -> roll 11 for leadership -> FLEEEEEEE)

and skaven charge zombies

This will be the bloodiest fight eva!!! Very Happy

on second turn, vampires charge skaven

and there are several killings here and there

i'm far from the "big crowd"

but hey i'm human we don't have to kill anything, we just stay and pray Smile

some good roll

game ends on turn 6, with only me and marienburgers on the table (every one else fled)

i killed some zombie (3 i think) and marienburgers killed some zombie too

the real hero of this game is this zombie dog

that killed several skavens and vampire's zombie too and didn't die from a total of 3 warbands !!!! we decide to give him 2 wounds for next games Wink

after the game, shadow warriors, that didn't find lots of treasure, decided to make some gold in "other ways" (you can also see a dark elf interested)

skaven lost 2 henchmen and 1 hero, vampire lost 1 acolyte and nothing else happened Smile
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PostSubject: Re: The dark land of Sylvania   Thu 8 Dec 2011 - 14:15

Hi everyone!

I'm Agron, the marienburgers master! Very Happy

Yeah! I know, we're not really bravers but the main thing is survive... ;-)

We ended the game without OoA, so i'm pretty happy.

One thig missed. We decided also for our warbands when the campain end. For me is when i found the mighty artifact of Ulric buried in a church of Ulric somewhere in Sylvania. I have to collect 6 piecies of an ancient map (i found one piece instead of a tresure on a roll of 12 with 2D6 for each treasure found) in order to found the church.


Bye everyone!

In Ulric we trust!
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PostSubject: Re: The dark land of Sylvania   Sat 10 Dec 2011 - 13:06

Thanks for posting your campaign, I'm looking forward to more.
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PostSubject: Re: The dark land of Sylvania   

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The dark land of Sylvania
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