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 Spell Caster Familiars

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PostSubject: Spell Caster Familiars   Wed 30 Jul 2008 - 0:31

Hi Everybody,

I was looking over the Master Equipment list on Mordheimer and came across the Familiar. It sounds cool, but I'm not sure of some of the details. Have any of you used it and was it fair?

Thanks Very Happy
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PostSubject: Re: Spell Caster Familiars   Wed 30 Jul 2008 - 2:05

It is introduced with the Sons of Nagarythe warband (Shadow Warriors), Mordheim Annual page 61.
The warband was first published in Town Cryer 10. The familiar can be found on page 27.

We have been using familiars ever since and never deemed them unfair. There are not many powerful spells and especially in the beginning a wizard has some stupid spell he successfully casts every third turn or so. I don't think that wizards are overpoered and this item sure isn't either.

By the way, you might like to have a look at the newly introduced Academic skills for wizards in the Annual (page 87). Wizards that may cast two spells per turn or re-roll whatever is needed - one or both dice -, this is where it's getting a little ugly. Not that ugly, though. Smile
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Spell Caster Familiars
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