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 H: Lizardmen/Vampire Counts W: WHFB, $, Avatars of War, etc

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PostSubject: H: Lizardmen/Vampire Counts W: WHFB, $, Avatars of War, etc   Wed 19 Oct 2011 - 10:56

I am located in California.

I have for sale/trade (all models are new on sprue and newest edition unless noted otherwise):
Lizardmen Temple Guards
Lizardmen Saurus Warriors
Lizardmen Cold One Riders
Vampire Counts Skeleton Warriors
Vampire Counts Zombie Dragon (minus Ghoul King)
Mantic Games Ghouls

I'm looking for (unassembled/unpainted, also note that I have no problems with individual models as I'm acquiring these models for Mordheim and conversions):
Corpse Cart
New plastic Necromancer
New plastic Ogre Irongut
Dark Elf Corsairs
Newest edition Kroxigor
Newest edition plastic Dwarfs
Dwarf Doomseekers
Avatars of War Minotaur
Newer Beastmen characters
Plastic Empire Mage kit
Chameleon Skink
New plastic Troll models
Ilyad Minotaur
Crossbow bits (converting some Orc Xbows )
Orc Boar Riders
Orc plastic Warboss kit (with boar)

These are lower on the lists of wants:
Empire Free Company
New Plastic Ghouls
Bretonnian Men at Arms
Empire Plastic Flagellants
Kislev Models
New Empire Pistoliers
Teutogen Guard
Island of Blood Boxed Set

These I'll consider trades if the offers are good.

If you're interested in purchasing, I sell them at 30% off retail. I am also willing to sell individual models, but at 10% off retail (with the exception of Skeleton warriors as they're still in shrink-wrap).
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H: Lizardmen/Vampire Counts W: WHFB, $, Avatars of War, etc
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