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 Wisby Miniature Wargames - Figurputtardagarna

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PostSubject: Wisby Miniature Wargames - Figurputtardagarna   Fri 19 Aug 2011 - 2:40

I am making this post since we will have a small meet again, with wargaming in focus. This time its not mainly Mordheim, even though a few of us will indeed play that particular game.

The meet will be held on the island of Gotland, in the main town Wisby. The event is called Figurputtardagarna wich translates roughly in to Miniaturemovingdays =)

This is nothing big or fancy, its just a bunch of friends, pretty much like the Mordheim Weekend we had at my place, but its a bit organised, we have a place to be, with space for about 4-5 gaming tables to be up at all times, wich should ensure that everyone will be able to play as much as they want. We will try to schedule the gaming tables, and allow for lunch and dinner and such.
We will try to fit as many people as possible at Rogers place, wich will be about 25 meters away from the gaming locale hehe.
Everyone should bring miniatures (and whatnots to play their prefered game), sleeping bag, air mattress and so forth.

We are currently working on getting the local gaming shop involved and see if they can sponsor something, or let us borrow some terrain. We will also try to get some of the people involved in the shop to show up and particpate, all with making new friends in mind.

Games that will be present are as follows:

Warhammer Fantasy
Rules of Engagement - demo game WWII Skirmish rules and miniatures (I have put some figures up for commission painting and will cocentrate on painting a few vehicles my self).

We will try to keep one table open, for people to bring what ever they want to play. Its just a matter of space really.

I will update this thread as we go along, and we have a set date for the event. At that time, I will post my email and other contact information, if anyone should want to join in for a weekend of fun and gaming.

Brother Sonny
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PostSubject: Re: Wisby Miniature Wargames - Figurputtardagarna   Fri 26 Aug 2011 - 3:18

Sounds like fun. WOuld love to go.

(any female gamers going? Wink )
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Wisby Miniature Wargames - Figurputtardagarna
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