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 Southlands Undead Fluff question

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PostSubject: Southlands Undead Fluff question   Thu 18 Aug 2011 - 12:17

Originally I was going to use rules for a small barrow lord and his retinue of undead. However reading more into the fluff it seems unlikely any minor tomb king would care about travelling so far and searching for loot.

So my brother (Redhammer) thought about having a tribal shaman / witch doctor who turned to necromancy.

I am leaning towards the idea of a Bokor (Hoodoo style Sorceror) who uses both Shaman and Necromantic magic lists (based on the Hoodoo concept of 'serving the loa with both hands' and using both good and evil magics together) leading a zombie heavy warband.

The warband could consist of the Bokor, a Zombie Controlling Spirit hero and/or apprentice sorcerors who could project their will onto a Zombie. The henchmen would be a limited number of intitiates hoping to serve well enough to be initiated into the inner circle of their cult and zombies. I was thinking of having several types of zombies. The good ol' basic type, a faster more expensive type or a zombie capable of expending some of the magical energy animating it as a ranged attack.

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PostSubject: Re: Southlands Undead Fluff question   Sun 11 Sep 2011 - 3:23

cool idea with hoodoo, just remeber that hoodoo zombies are rather different from the Romero kind Smile
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Southlands Undead Fluff question
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