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 New Scenario - Village Raid

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PostSubject: New Scenario - Village Raid   Fri 5 Aug 2011 - 10:30

Hello. My friends and I have racked up 50+ games this summer and have really enjoyed Mordheim. In an effort to add more pzazz to our gaming, I've written a dozen new scenarios. We have play tested this one and it was really fun.

Basically, this scenario builds off one in Empire in Flames. We felt the mission with occupied buildings could use some more refinement.

We also made a rule that after deployment in a normal scenario, roll a die for each building on the board. One a 6, it is considered occupied and follows the rules given in the mission briefing. This way, even a simple Skirmish mission can create real rivalry.

I'll say this up front. Some of the loot rewards are quite good. But it takes 3 turns and a hero to loot a building (break in, clear room, and loot). Plus if your hero gets knocked out you risk loosing your hard earned loot to the enemy.

So enjoy and I'd love to hear what you think.


Village Raid

The poor denizens of Mordheim ever live in fear of raiding parties. On good days, strength in numbers discourages marauders from their murderous ends. But not all days are good days…in fact most aren’t.

Set up:
Place as many buildings as possible but ensure that there is an odd number.

Ending the Game:
The game ends at the end of the turn when all the buildings are burning or looted. The player that burned or looted the most buildings wins. Rout tests are taken as normal. Heroes gain +1exp for clearing a building of its inhabitants.

Special Rules:
All buildings are considered occupied (ruins are barricaded which has the same effect).

To loot a building you must force entry, clear it, and spend an entire turn looting as per the rules in Empire in Flames. Only heroes may do the actual looting because henchmen are not thorough or particularly trustworthy. Mark the model with the loot because the treasure drops if the model dies. Roll on the Loot Chart after the battle for each model with loot.

Alternatively, a model in contact with a building may spend its turn setting it ablaze. Roll a d6. On a 3+ the building catches fire. Models inside the building catch fire on a 4+ and the terrain becomes dangerous. Also, villagers or defenders flee the building. Place d3+1 villagers plus one swordsman within 4” of the building. Only models caring a torch, lantern, brazier, fire bombs, or flaming arrows may opt to burn the building.

Loot Charts

Initial Roll (d6)
1 Mundane Item
2 Poison / Herb
3 Weapon
4 Armor
5 Treasure
6 Trinket

Mundane Item
1 Net
2 Rope & Hook
3 Lantern
4 Caltrops
5 Mordheim Map
6 Halfling Cookbook

Poison / Herb
1 Black Lotus
2 Dark Venom
3 Crimson Shade
4 Mandrake Root
5 Madcap Mushroom
6 Healing Herb

1 Club
2 Axe
3 Spear
4 Sword
5 Great weapon
6 Gromril or Ilithmar Weapon (choose from above list)

1 Toughened Leathers
2 Shield or Buckler
3 Helmet
4 Light Armor
5 Heavy Armor
6 Gromril or Ilithmar Armor

1 1d6 gold crowns
2 2d6 gold crowns
3 3d6 gold crowns
4 1d3 wyrdstone shard
5 50 gold crowns
6 Opulent Coach

1 Lucky Charm
2 Rabbits Foot
3 Warhorn
4 Cathayan Silks
5 Tarot Card
6 Tome of Magic
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PostSubject: Re: New Scenario - Village Raid   Sun 7 Aug 2011 - 5:30

While I wouldn't think raiding a village is an idea you could call 'new' there is gap in the market for a scenario that promotes burglary.

I have an advanced (but actually quite simple) rules system drawn up for breaking and entering (which works in tandem with the 'Buildings' rules from EiF) plus all the looting charts I need. If you come up with an original premise for a scenario that encourages warbands to be plundering homesteads then I would be interested to give it a try in my gaming group.


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PostSubject: Re: New Scenario - Village Raid   Sun 7 Aug 2011 - 12:37

I like the raid szenario. Only the loot seems to be too good for a simple village raid...

i would cut a bit of the treasure...
a Gromril armor and a Tome of magic in a simple town.

How about some more trivial items, like Food (decrease the warband size by one column for your next selling of wyrdstones).
Bows, Crossbows, alcolic drinks, Dogs, Steeds, carts or a wheelbarrow(you can move a treasure chest without halving your movement, like 2 modells would carry it) would fit fine in a village.
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PostSubject: Re: New Scenario - Village Raid   Sun 7 Aug 2011 - 13:14

as ususual I am a bit confused by the scenario. Is it meant to replace the Occupied scenario from the rule book or the Frenzied Mob from EiF?

Either way I think that the rewards are way too good for a common villiage. If the scenario purported to be raiding a bandit camp or a rich man's villa then perhaps the treasure found would be more in line with the stated location.

The type of guards should be upgraded if the treasure is not changed. More swordsmen and maybe the occasional ogre?

Also the number of houses is too open ended for the type of rewards. Occupy fights over 3 to 5 buildings and the Frenzied Mob has 2-4. The Battle for the Farm from Fanatic is a similar scenario to the Frenzied Mob. In all of the above scenarios the possible objective buildings are clearly defined and limited. As far as I can tell the above scenario doesn't even disqualify buildings in deployment zones.

Also do you play with all of the EiF rules for buildings? If so the scenario just got a bit more difficult, but I stll think the number of buildings should be limited.

Big reward small risk scenarios are popular with players, but this seems a bit over the top.
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PostSubject: Re: New Scenario - Village Raid   

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New Scenario - Village Raid
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