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 Inquisitor Thomers and his commrads

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PostSubject: Inquisitor Thomers and his commrads   Sun 10 Jul 2011 - 10:23

I have been working on Inquisitor warbands for a long time now and would like you thoughts on this guy and his buddys
Fluff comeing soon

Name: Corvan Thomers
Race: Human
Gender: Male
Date Brone: 847 M41
Homeworld: Jopall
True Age: 125
Juveant Age: 61
Hair Colour: White. Formerly blonde
Eye Colour: Blue
Skin Colour: White
Height: 6 feet
Body Build: Fat and wide
Face shape: Roundish
Face looks: Heavly line and wise looking
Mental Health: Good but has had two mental break downs on on a hard case that taxed him and the crew greatly. Also has been knows to berate himself for mistakes
Bodly Health: Despite his juveant age of 61 Corvan is rather healthy. Mainly do to a mostly healthy life style.
Habbits: None
Quriks: Corvan tends to scratch or tap his belley when deep in thought
Psy-Power Lvl: Low lvl Epsilon
Psy-Mastry: Biomancer
Hair style: None, Corvan is balding
Faical hair style: Corvan had a large walrus style moustash (A link to the moustash style: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Walrus_moustache)

Most favoured drink: Corvan seems to like a good cup pf Jopallan black tea
Least favoured drink: Corvan hates beers and ales
Most favoured food/meal: A very lean Grox steak with a large helping of greens and some type of grain
Least favoured food/meal: Anything that has been deemed to unhealthy by his standards
Most favoured clothing style: Corvan prefurs to where heavy robes
Least favoured clothing style: Corvan seems to have a thing out for people who where tight leathers for whatever reason
Most favoured type pf person: A professional type of person, who fallows orders and that has a very light sense of humor
Least favoured trpe of person: A foolish smartass who dose not think thigs through and dose not take well to orders
Most favoued things: Medicine
Least favoured things: Chaos, Sickness
Most favoured ranged weapon: Corvan loves a well made handflamer however a trustry Laspistol is his second choice
Least favoured ranged weapon: Corvan hates plasma based weapons as he sees them for what they are. VERY untrustworthy things that have a higher risk then killing him then his beloved flame weapons.
Most Favoured CC weapon: Corvan prefurs to use his force hammer but had a fondness for weapons like his armoured gauntlet
Least favoured CC weapon: None realy, though, Corvan has a thing about chain weapons calling them "Useless noise makers" even though he would still use one
Thinks he likes to do in spare time: Corvan like to sit back, have a good cup of tea and a biscut and read books on medicine, science and chemistry

Ordo: Sepulturum
Profession: Inuisitor
Former porfession: None. Corvan was taken by the back ships before he could get one
Faith: Cult of the Emperor
Philosophy: Thorian
Sub-Philosophy: Revivificator
Titles: None
Years active: 102
Strenghts: Corvan has a willingness to help in whatever way he can to help the Imperium
Weaknessess: Can some times get carreyed away in a case or in his Thorian/Revivificator agenda that he over looks things.
Corvan also has something of a heart and cares about his team so much so that he will drop all other thing to aid/help/rescue them if they are in trubble
Enemys: Chaos (The forces of Nurgle being the most common and hated).
Corvan aslo hates the Hoursians. Though he is will to do some rather unsavory things he dose not condone the use of chaos to make a new Emperor.
Moral code: Corvan has a heart though as a revivificator he is not above stealing in a body for study "It's just a pice of meat after death afterall" he says when asked about this matter "All I have to do it treat it with respect for the sake of it's former owner"
All in all he would call himself a simi-good man
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Inquisitor Thomers and his commrads
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