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 Squigs and movement in regards to terrain

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PostSubject: Squigs and movement in regards to terrain   Thu 7 Jul 2011 - 19:41

So the rules say Squigs move a random amount of movement each turn.

Do they automatically get to move this far? Or are they slowed down by terrain like everyone else? If not, do they also need to take climbing tests or are they just "bouncing" up that high?

The discussion has come up with one side saying as it says they move X inches, they always move X inches regardless of modifiers, while the other side says the random movement merely replaces the M value, and is subject to all other normal rules.
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PostSubject: Re: Squigs and movement in regards to terrain   Sat 9 Jul 2011 - 7:43

I found this reply to a similar question. Sadly it doesn't answer your question directly, but it lets you see how the author of the rule works, which is to have you figure it out.

Da Bank wrote:

I found an old email from Mark Havenor (Author of Da Orc Mob)

1. How does the squig's 2D6" move work? Is the resulting number the
squig's _maximum_ move, or is he forced to use it all? If the latter,
what's to stop him moving in an arc or even going backwards then forwards?

Or does the player need to declare the direction before he rolls the

This is the amount he moves (that's what it says in the text, and the intent).
If this move takes him into an enemy model, he stops and it's counted as a
charge. Nothing other than your sense of fair play stops a player from running
his squigs around in circles. The intent is that the little buggers move 2D6"
in a direction nominated by the player, only moving less if something impedes
their progress (like an enemy model). If your group likes the idea of them
running in circles though, that's how you should play it! Smile

2. If an uncontrolled squig is in combat with another model that becomes
knocked-down or stunned, will the squig continue to fight or will it bounce
away randomly?

We played the latter, mainly because it was more fun.

Really up to the player. I'd probably keep it in combat, but I can see a player
arguing that it should move away, since it can (against a prone opponent).

3. Can a stunned goblin act as a minder? Surely not! What about a
knocked-down goblin? This seems reasonable - just like a leader and his
rout tests.

Actually stunned or KD goblins CAN act as minderz...keep in mind that squigs
aren't that bright, they're beasts, and the presence of their 'master' is enough
to keep them pretty well in line (in fact this is alluded to with the
prodder...it's the sight of the thing that keeps the squigs in line as much as
the occasional poke with the pointy end...).

Rules-wise it's this way to keep the squigs from being utterly uncontrollable.
You have to actually take the gobbos out (OOA) to make the squigs go wild.

4. If a goblin attacks one of his own models, does that model fight back?
I'd presume so but it's not clear.

It's a "round of hand-to-hand combat", so I guess it's up to whether or not your
group normally lets models that are in combat elect to not strike back.

- Mark

Our group tends to come down on the 'its bouncing so it can pretty much do anything' side. For example we allow squigs to bounce over building walls, up on to raised levels, etc, as long as they have the movement. If the squig doesn't have sufficient movement they land facing the wall as though they had failed a climbing test.

The 2D6 is its movement camp has more support from the rule as written. There's a good discussion of this somewhere, but I can't find it by searching. Perhaps we will have it again on this thread.
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PostSubject: Re: Squigs and movement in regards to terrain   Sat 9 Jul 2011 - 14:52

So...it doesn't just have to move in a straight line? Smile I'd say it can hop over most terrain, but not over building or anything...xD

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PostSubject: Re: Squigs and movement in regards to terrain   

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Squigs and movement in regards to terrain
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