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 Meet Die Familie

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PostSubject: Meet Die Familie   Fri 1 Jul 2011 - 10:28

Berthold looked at his brothers, Gunther and Dagobert,
"Tonight we begin our rise to power!" he said with a phlem
filled cough.

Bertold and his siblings had been cursed
since birth. Concieved in a coven of Nurgle worshiping cultists
the set of triplets had been born short, hunchbacked and horibly
disfigured. They lived in the woods near the city of Mordheim
with their parents in a small hut where the 3 boys were raised under
the loving eye of their patron god, Papa Nurgle. As the boys grew,
they were "blessed" by their God. Bertold, thin and frail, was given
"the sight". Dagobert grew the tail of a scorpion and Gunthers lame
arm grew into a long flexible tentacle. Soon after the boys 17th
birthday their Mother and Father (in a debauched ritual of blood
and incest) let demons inhabit their mortal bodies.

As day turned into night the 3 brothers built a bonfire and threw in
the fetid corpses of 2 infants they had kidnapped from the refugees
of Mordheim.

"This offering should bring us some help for our journey into the city",
explained Berthold to his brothers. "Unlock Mutter and Vater,
we will need their strenght to fight the others away from the magic
stone Papa Nurgle has commanded we retrieve."

With their preperations complete, the strange family left wood and
headed to the City of the Damned.

Die Familie

Berthold the Vile
Magister 83
bow, club

possessed 90

possessed 90

mutant 71
scorpiontail, 2 mace

mutant 63
tentacle, mace

2 beastman 102
2 club ea.

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Meet Die Familie
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