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 Cardboard housing

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PostSubject: Cardboard housing   Thu 30 Jun 2011 - 15:37

Hello forumites!

Today is a glorious day because i finally put a vague sketch:

into practice! (which i normally don't do... Sleep)

So here is step one:


I've cut out all pieces that i thought i needed, but i forgot that i would need 8 sides Suspect ,
so i thought its just a prototype i'd do only 2 walls and see how it will turn out.

Close-up of the door:


Close-up of the window:

Close-up of the outerwall corner thingy or how its called scratch


Next step is glueing the first pieces together:


Notice on the upper side of the wall there is a 'gap'. right above the window you can see a piece of cardboard horizontally. This is done on purpose so I can add a roof in the future which can be taken off!

Then i placed the inner walls with some blank paper glued on it for testing how glue reacts for texturing purposes.


And here is the result:


Its all made from cerealbox cardboard Smile

Tell me what you think!

(sorry about the hazy pictures, i made them with my mobile phone and for the close-up i used a magnifying glass Razz)

Next upgrades are planned:

Printed textures

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PostSubject: Re: Cardboard housing   Thu 30 Jun 2011 - 15:48

I think it looks TERRIFIC; my only concern would be the warping factor once you apply some paint. Keep up the GOOD WORK & keep us updated on your progress. thumbsup
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Cardboard housing
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