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 Forest Goblin 'Ead 'Unters Warband.

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PostSubject: Forest Goblin 'Ead 'Unters Warband.   Fri 3 Jun 2011 - 12:55

Forest Goblin Warband;

Warriors of Choice

Witch Dokta; Each Forest Goblin Warband must have atleast one Shaman.
'Ead 'Unters; Your warband may include up to four 'Ead 'Unters.
Forest Goblins; Your warband may have any number of Forest Goblins.
Giant Spiders; Your warband may have up to five Giant Spiders.
Goblin Zombie; Your warband may have up to five Goblin Zombies.

Special Rules

Orcs and Goblins enjoy nothing more than a good scrap, unfortunately they’re not always very discerning about who they scrap with! To represent this, at the start of the Orc player’s turn, roll a D6 for each Henchman who is either an Orc or a Goblin. A roll of 1 means that the warrior has taken offense to something one of his mates has done or said. Do not roll for models that are engaged in hand-to-hand combat (they’re already scrappin’!). To find out just how offended the model is, roll another D6 and consult the following chart to see what happens:

1. “I ’Erd Dat!”: The warrior decides that the nearest friendly Orc or Goblin Henchman has insulted his lineage or personal hygiene and must pay the price! If there is a friendly Orc or Goblin Henchman or Hired Sword within charge reach (if there are multiple targets within reach, choose the one nearest to the mad model), the offended warrior will immediately charge and fight a round of hand-to-hand combat against the source of his ire. At the end of this round of combat, the models will immediately move 1" apart and no longer count as being in close combat (unless one of them fails another Animosity test and rolls this result again). If there are no friendly Orc or Goblin Henchmen or Hired Swords within charge reach, and the warrior is armed with a missile weapon, he immediately takes a shot at the nearest friendly Orc or Goblin Henchman or Hired Sword. If none of the above applies, or if the nearest friendly model is an Orc Hero, the warrior behaves as if a 2-5 had been rolled on this chart. In any case, the warrior in question may take no other action this turn, though he may defend himself if attacked in hand-to-hand combat.

2-5. “Wud Yoo Say?”: The warrior is fairly certain he heard an offensive sound from the nearest friendly Orc or Goblin, but he’s not quite sure. He spends the turn hurling insults at his mate. He may do nothing else this turn, though he may defend himself if attacked in hand-to-hand combat.

6. “I’ll Show Yer!”: The warrior imagines that his mates are laughing about him behind his back and calling him silly names. To show them up he decides that he’ll be the first one to the scrap! This model must move as quickly as possible towards the nearest enemy model, charging into combat if possible. If there are no enemy models within sight, the Orc or Goblin warrior may make a normal move immediately. This move is in addition to his regular move in the Movement phase, so he may therefore move twice in a single turn if you wish. If the extra move takes the Orc or Goblin warrior within charge reach of an enemy model, the warrior must charge into close combat during his regular movement.

Fear Elves:
All Goblins fear all kind of Elves. Elves are haunty, unnatural and 'stink funny', which is more than enough to unnerve the toughest Goblin. When fighting against Elves (Shadow Warriors, Dark Elves, or Wood Elves), if the Goblin Warband is routed and pass their route test, they must re-roll the result, if they pass a second time they have overcome their fear and get back into the thick of it!

Distasteful Company:
Many Hired Swords refuse to work for Forest Goblin, as they know that Hobgoblins are just as likely to scalp them as fight alongside them. Forest Goblins may only hire the following Hired Swords: Pit Fighters, Ogre Bodyguards, Warlock, Witches, and any Greenskin Hired Blades or Dramatist Personae (This includes; Orcs, Goblins, Trolls, Hobgoblins, and Gnoblar).

Starting Experience:

Forest Goblin Witch Dokta starts with 20 experience.

'Ead 'Unters start with 10 experience.

Henchmen start with 0 experience.

Forest Goblin Skill Table:

The Witch Dokta may choose Academic, Combat, Shooting, Speed, or Special skills.

'Ead Hunters may choose Combat, Shooting, Speed, or Special skills.

Henchmen who become a hero from 'The Lad Got Talent' may choose from Shooting or Speed Skills.

Maximum Characteristics:

Forest Goblin characteristics may not be increased beyond the maximum profile limits shown below. If a characteristic is at its maximum, take the other option or roll again if you can only increase one characteristic. If both are already at their maximum, you may increase any other by +1 instead. Remember that Henchmen can only add +1 to any characteristic.

M 6; Ws 5; Bs 5; S 4; T 4; W 3; I 5; A 4; Ld 8

Forest Goblin Wargear:

Hand to Hand Weapons:

Dagger 1st free/ 2 gc
Club 3 gc
Axe 5 gc
Spear 10 gc
Sword 10 gc
Halberd 10 gc
Great Weapon 15 gc
Obsidian Weapon (x2 cost)

Ranged Weapons:

Short Bow 5 gc
Javalin 10 gc
Blow Pipe 25 gc
Sling 2 gc


Shield 5 gc

Miscellanous Gear:

Spider Web Net n/a
Spider Poison n/a
Shrunken Head 15 gc
Riding Spider 40 gc


Witch Dokta; 50 gc
M 4; Ws 3, Bs 3, S 3, T 3, W 1, I 3, A 1, Ld 7
Weapons and Armor: A Forest Goblin Shaman may choose weapons, armor, and gear from the Forest Goblin Equipment List.

Special Rules:
Wizard: A Forest Goblin Shaman is a wizard and uses Forest Goblin Rituals; see list below.

Leader: Any model in the warband within 6” of the Shaman may use his Leadership instead of their own.

0-4; 'Ead 'Unter; 25 gc
M 4; Ws 3; Bs 3; S 3; T 3; W 1; I 3; A 1; Ld 6
Weapons and Armor: A 'Ead 'Unter may choose weapons, armor, and gear from the Forest Goblin Equipment List.


0+; Forest Goblin; 15 gc each.
M 4; Ws 2; Bs 3; S 3; T 3; W 1; I 3; A 1; Ld 5
Weapons and Armor: Forest Goblins may choose weapons, armor, and gear from the Forest Goblin Equipment List.

0-5; Goblin Zombie; N/A
M 4; Ws 1; Bs 0; S 3; T 3; W 1; I 1; A 1; Ld 5
Weapons and Armor: Goblin Zombies may not use any weapons or armor of any kind.

Special Rules:
Cause Fear: Goblin Zombies are terrifying Undead creatures and therefore cause fear.

May not Run: Goblin Zombies are slow Undead creatures and may not run (but may charge normally).

Immune to Psychology: Goblin Zombies are not affected by psychology and never leave combat.

Immune to Poison: Goblin Zombies are not affected by any poison.

No Pain: Goblin Zombies treat a Stunned result on the Injury chart as Knocked Down.

No Brain:Goblin Zombies never gain experience.

0-5; Giant Spider; 25 gc each.
M 7; Ws 3; Bs 0; S 3; T 3; W 1; I 4; A 1; Ld 5
Weapons and Armor: Giant Spiders are armed with vicious fangs and covered in a harden carapace. They do not use weapons or armor of any kind.

Special Rules:
Poisonious Bite: Giant Spiders are highly poisonious, their attacks have a +1 on all 'to-wound' rolls in close-combat

Harden Carapace: The Giant Spiders have extremely thick hard exoskeleton that grants them a 6+ armor save.

Wall Crawler: Giant Spiders are able to scale any surface, they are considered to have the Scale Sheer Surface special skill.

Animals: Giant Spiders are animals, and do not gain any experience.

Trained: Each Giant SPider must always remain within 6” of a Forest Goblin, who keeps the creature in line. If a Wolf finds itself without a Goblin within 6” at the start of it’s Movement phase, it will go wild. From that point on, move the Spider 2D6” in a random direction during each of its movement phases. If it’s random movement takes it into contact with another model (friend or foe), it will engage the model in hand-to-hand combat as normal. The Giant Spider is out of the Forest Goblin player’s control until the end of the game.

Special Skills

Harvest Poison: The goblin is well trained in extracting the deadly venom from the Giant Spiders. If you have a Giant Spider in your warband you may generate D3 vials of Spider Poison. (Only one member in your warband may have this skill.)

Harvest Spider Silk: The goblin is an expert at collecting and weaving the Giant Spider's silk into nets. If you have a Giant Spider in your warband you may generate D3 Spider Web Nets. (Only one member in your warband may have this skill.)

Craft Carapace Armor: Using the corpse of a Giant Spider, the goblin is able to fashion a suit of durable armor. This skill can only be used if you sacrifice a Giant Spider in your warband or a Giant Spider has been killed in a previous scenario. If you choose to do so you make a single suit of Carapace Armor.

Head Shrinker: Forest Goblins are infamous for the decapitation and skrinking the heads of their enemy. If the opposing player has any Henchmen or Hero killed from the previous scenario, then you may gain a Skrunken Head per model that was killed. This does not apply if the Henchmen or Hero that was killed is an animal (i.e. Wolves, Squigs, Bears, ect) or Undead.

Return from da Dark: (Witch Dokta Only) By use of Magic Rituals, various potions, and a bit of luck. The Shaman is able to ressurect a fallen Forest Goblin back and as a Mindless Zombie! Before the start of each game, if a Forest Goblin has been killed a previous scenario, he may be brought back as a Goblin Zombie for no additional cost and is added to the warband roster. You may only summon one Goblin Zombie per scenario.

Forest Goblin Rituals
Forest Goblin Rituals are spells are used by the Witch Dokta. They are rituals and prayers to the Spider God.

1. Call da Crawlers!: At the beginning of each scenario the Shaman summons D3 Giant Spiders. These Giant Spiders follow the same rules as normal giant spiders but leave at the end of the Scenario. These Spiders cannot be used for the Harvest Spider Poison, Harvest Spider Silk, or Craft Carapace Armor Skills.
Difficulty: 5

2. Re-Animate: One Goblin Zombie that went out of action during the last hand-to-hand combat phase immediately returns to battle. Place the model within 6" of the Shaman. The model cannot be placed straight into hand-to-hand combat with an enemy model.
Difficulty: 6

3. Gaze of the Spider God: Select one enemy model within 12" of the Shaman, that model takes a single Str 4 hit. If the target survives, then that model will suffer another str 3 hit next turn during the shooting phase, and a str 2 hit the turn after that. These attacks ignore all armor.
Difficulty: 8

4. Spider Leap: The Shaman is blessed with super natural strength and is able to leap anywhere on the map 12" from his current location.
Difficulty: 7

5. Spider Bites: This spell can be casted on any enemy model within 12" of the Shaman and must be within line of sight. The model takes 2d3 hits, str 2 hits that ignore armor.
Difficulty: 7

6. Blessing of the Spider God: This spell maybe casted on any friendly model within 10" of the Shaman. The blessed model increases its Movement and Initative by 1 and counts as being armed with Spider Poison.
Difficulty: 6

Special Equipment:

Obsidian Weapons: Obsidian is a rare stone with a black-luster found in the South-Lands. Obsidian weapons are considered sacred weapons and are given to only the most gifted warriors. An Obsidian weapon grants the weapon a +1 to all 'To-Wound' rolls in close combat. If any 1's are rolled on the 'To-Hit" roll, roll a second D6 on a 6 the Obsidian Shatters and the weapon is considered destroyed.

Spider Web Net: Once per game, the net may be thrown in the shooting phase instead of the model shooting a missile weapon. Treat the net as a missile weapon in all respects with a range of 8". Use the model’s BS to determine whether the net hits or not – there are no movement or range penalties. If it hits, the target must immediately roll a D6. If the result is equal to, or lower than his Strength, he rips the net apart. If the result is higher, he may not move, shoot or cast spells in his next turn, although he is not otherwise affected. In either case the net is lost.

Spider Poison: Spider Poison is applied to any melee or ranged weapon (aside from clubs, blow pipes [which are already poisoned], and slings) and only lasts one game. A weapon that has Spider Poison applied to it adds +1 to all 'To-Wound' rolls.

Shrunken Head: The first time a model with a Shrunken Head is hit in a battle they roll a D6. On a 4+ the hit is discarded and no damage is suffered. Owning two or more charms does not confer any extra benefits, the model may still only try to discard the first hit. Any model with three or more Shrunken Heads causes Fear.

Carapace Armor: Made from the Exoskeleton of dead Giant Spiders, the armor grants the wearer a 6+ armor save that may stack with any other armor.

Riding Spider: A Riding Spider is a Giant Spider that has been trained to be used as a mount in battle. A Riding Spider has the same stats as a Giant Spider and all rules still apply.

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PostSubject: Re: Forest Goblin 'Ead 'Unters Warband.   Fri 3 Jun 2011 - 21:56

Didn't get a chance to read it thoroughly, but a few things:

~There is currently a Forest Goblin warband out there (just to warn ya... which means that all criticism against this warband will probably be a bit more biting, as you have an existing model to be compared to.) Also, to keep them separate, you might want to give them a different name, like "Forest Goblin Headhunters", or Forest Goblin Heathens or something.

~Great idea idea making the shaman leader. Too cheap, though. Human Warrior (25) - Goblin (15) = 10gc difference. Likewise, 70gc spellcaster human leader - 10gc = 60gc. Much more appropriate.

~Headhunters: likewise, bump up to 25gc. If champ is a base warrior + 1ws = 10gc increase, than the same thing applies to the heroes. Also, these guys are kinda lame right now. You have 0-4 guys who do nothing special at all. Maybe they could pick ONE skill from the special skill list, or have wild animosity, or something.

~warrior stats: Generally, you have two stats on goblins: I2 - Ld6 OR I3 Ld 6. These are I3 - Ld 6. Unless it's a hero, that's too good. Unless I'm crazy, I think forest at I3, Ld 5.

~Goblin Zombies: I see what you're going for, and I'll warn you, necromancy is generally not a greenskin thing. To make them seem a little less abrupt, include that in the theme. Replace shaman with "Witch Docta" or something. Pump up the fluff about voodoo style rituals.

Sneaky Git: There are already a few (fan made) skills called Sneaky Git. You can just call the skill "Infiltration", that's fine.

Hope I can look more at it later.
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Forest Goblin 'Ead 'Unters Warband.
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