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 Encampments or Bases Building

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PostSubject: Encampments or Bases Building   Mon 30 May 2011 - 14:53


I don't like the rules from the TC for encampments. I would like to have rules, where you can build your own base camp.

You start with some straw mats and in the end you got a good hideout or even a small fortress.

Some Ideas/Brainstorming:

concealment -> it makes it more difficult for your enemies to find your base and lanch an attack against it
defence -> it makes your camp more defensible against enemies. For more points here you can place more terrain in favor for yourself
Beds -> Warband members with beds (and no straw mats) count only half for selling wyrdstone/treasuers
garden -> you can get free herbs/drugs/poison depending on your warband type
mine -> allows you to get some gold/iron
Smith -> allows you to make weapons (and reduces concealment)
Mill -> ??
shrine/capell -> ? perhaps holy water, good Favor or the (chaos-) gods

the more buildings you make the more difficult will it be to conceal it properly...

If you have more beds than your maximum Members you can reduce the upkeep of hire swords or you can increase your warband size for you camp, but the excess members have to stay back and guard the camp.
If you have 20 Warbandmembers in a Mercenary Warband you have 5 to much for your warband. So these 5 are your guard, if some one will attack your camp (perhaps you have also to let a hero stay behind, that he is in charge of the camp).

You could say, that you have to choose the warriors who stay behind once a month and you have to stay with that decission.
After each game your enemies can try to find your camp (a roll or Campaign Points). If they found it, they can prepare an ambush (for excess points in finding the reinforcements of the defender take longer to arrive).
At the start the defender has only the terrain in his favor and the small troop that stayed behind. After W6+1 turn (plus turns for prepared ambush) the other members of the defender arrives to help.
If the Attacker wins he get 2W6 gold (or more if the camp is build better/bigger) and all gold the defender has in stash (plus perhaps some other things, like herbs from the garden).

Members who stay behind could work in the camp for more buildings or in some buildings like Smithy, Mine etc.

Perhaps evil and neutral warbands can use slaves.

Do you like something like that? Can you play with this kind of rules or is it to difficult to administer?
Or are there better rules for Basecamp somewhere?

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Encampments or Bases Building
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