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 Night Goblin Warband

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PostSubject: Night Goblin Warband   Tue 10 May 2011 - 4:37

I know that the Mordheimer has its own Night Goblin Warband but I am not a fan of it and this is my revision. Some stats and special rules were taken from either the original Orcs and Goblin Warband and/or the Night Goblins Warband from Mordheimer.

Choice of Warriors:

A Night Goblin warband must include a minimum of 3 models. You have 500 gold crowns, which you can use to recruit and equip your warband. The maximum number of warriors in the warband is 20.

Big Boss: Each Night Goblin warband must have at least one Big Boss; no more, no less.
Shaman: Each Night Goblin warband may have up to one Shaman.
Squig Herder: Each Night Goblin warband may have up to three Squig Herders.
Night Goblins: Each Night Goblin warband may have any number of Night Goblins.
Squigs: Each Night Goblin warband may have up to five Squigs for every Squig Herder in the warband.
Fanatics: Each Night Goblin warband may have up to two Fanatics.
Troll: Each Night Goblin warband may have up to one Troll.

Special Rules

Animosity: Goblins spend much of their lives squabbling and fighting amongst themselves. Sometimes this will happen at the worst of times. At the beginning of each Night Goblin turn roll a D6. On a roll of 1 they start to squabble and will do nothing else for the rest of the turn. Only Night Goblins are affected. Trolls, Squigs, Snotlings and other non-goblins are not affected and will act as normal.

Hatred (Dwarfs): Night Goblins are subject to hatred towards Dwarfs, this does not apply to Squigs or Trolls.

Fear Elves: All Goblins fear all kind of Elves. Elves are haunty, unnatural and 'stink funny'. When fighting against Elves (Shadow Warriors, Dark Elves, or Wood Elves), if the Night Goblin Warband is routed and pass their route test, they must re-roll the result, if they pass a second time they have overcome their fear and get back into the thick of it! In addition Night Goblins warbands may never use Elven Bows, Ithilmar Weapons or Armor due to the lingering smell.

Distasteful Company: Many Hired Swords refuse to work for Night Goblins, as they know that Night Goblins are just as likely to gut them as fight alongside them. Night Goblins may only hire the following Hired Swords: Pit Fighters, Ogre Bodyguards, Warlock, Witches, and any Greenskin Hired Blades or Dramatist Personae (This includes; Orcs, Goblins, Trolls, Hobgoblins, and Gnoblar).

Starting Experience:

The Big Boss starts with 20 experience.
The Shaman starts with 12 experience.
Squig Herders start with 8 experience.
Henchmen start with 0 experience.

Night Goblin Skills:

The Big Boss may choose skills from the Combat, Shooting, Speed or Special List.
The Shaman may choose skills from the Combat, Academic, or Special list.
The Squig Herder may choose skills from the Combat, Shooting, or Special list.
Henchmen may choose skills from the Combat or Shooting list.

Night Goblin Equipment List:

Hand-to-Hand Weapons:
-Dagger 1st Free/ 2 gc
-Club 3 gc
-Axe 5 gc
-Sword 10 gc
-Spear 10 gc
-Halberd 10 gc
-Great Weapon 15 gc
-Morning Star 15 gc
-Squig Prodder 15 gc

Missile Weapons:
-Short Bow 5 gc
-Sling 2 gc
-Throwing Knives 5 gc

-Light Armor 20 gc
-Heavy Armor 50 gc
-Helmet 10 gc
-Shield 5 gc

Special Equipment:
-Mad Cap Mushrooms 25 gc
-Extra Special Mushrooms 20 gc
-Magic Mushrooms 15 gc
-Mushroom Bomb 15 gc
-Death Cap Mushrooms 25 gc
-Riding Squig 60 gc
-Net 5 gc

Squig Prodder:
This item is a long pole with a trio of spikes at the end. It is used by Goblin Squig herders to keep their livestock in line. Cave Squigs will recognize a Squig prodder and automatically give the bearer more respect, as they’ve all been on its pointy end more than once! To represent this, a Goblin with a Squig prodder can keep all Cave Squigs within 12" from going wild, instead of the normal 6" (see the Minderz special rule under the Squig entry). In addition, a Squig prodder is treated exactly like a spear in hand-to-hand combat.


1 Night Goblin Big Boss; 65 gold coins to hire.
M 4; Ws 4; Bs 3; S 3; T 4; W 1; I 4; A 1; Ld 7
Weapons/Armor: A Big Boss may be equipped with weapons and armor from the Night Goblin equipment list.

Special Rules:
-Leader: Any model in the warband within 6” of the Big Boss may use his Leadership instead of their own.

0-1 Night Goblin Shaman; 40 gold coins to hire.
M 4; Ws 2; Bs 3; S 3; T 3; W 1; I 3; A 1; Ld 7
Weapons/Armor: A Shaman may be equipped with weapons and armor from the Night Goblin equipment list.

Special Rules:
-Wizard: A Night Goblin Shaman is a wizard and uses Night Goblin Magic.

0-3 Squig Herders; 25 gold coins to hire.
M 4; Ws 3; Bs 3; S 3; T 3; W 1; I 3; A 1; Ld 6
Weapons/Armor: A Squig Herders may be equipped with weapons and armor from the Night Goblin equipment list.


0+ Night Goblins; 15 gold coins to hire.
M 4; Ws 2; Bs 3; S 3; T 3; W 1; I 3; A 1; Ld 6
Weapons/Armor: Night Goblins may be equipped with weapons and armor from the Night Goblin equipment list.

Squigs; 20 gold coins to hire.
M 4; Ws 4; Bs 0; S 4; T 3; W 1; I 3; A 1; Ld 5
Weapons/Armor: Savage Teeth and Claws. Squigs never need weapons or armor.

Special Rules:

Minderz: Each Squig must always remain within 6” of a Night Goblin, who keeps the creature in line. If a Squig finds itself without a Goblin within 6” at the start of it’s Movement phase, it will go wild. From that point on, move the Squig 2D6” in a random direction during each of its movement phases. If it’s random movement takes it into contact with another model (friend or foe), it will engage the model in hand-to-hand combat as normal. The Squig is out of the Night Goblin player’s control until the end of the game.

Animals: Squigs are animals of a sort and so do not gain experience.

Species: Squigs come in many shapes and sizes, every squig in your warband may be given a upgrade. Note that not every squig in the squad has to have the same upgrade.

-Horned Squig: This squig has a massive horn jutting from its forhead, this squig counts as being armed with a spear.
Cost: 10 Gold Coins
-Gas Squig: This squig has vents on its back that let forth a noxious gas. Any enemy model with-in base contact with the squig loses 1 attack ( to a minimum of 1). Cost: 15 Gold Coins
-Spiked Squig: This Squig's body is covered in bone spikes, which it can fire at short range. A squig with this upgrade is counted as being armed with a sling.
Cost: 5 Gold Coins
-Gnarled Hide: The squigs hide has been toughened by constant beatings from its masters, and is given a 6+ armor save.
Costs: 10 Gold Coins
-Monstrous: The Squig is prime amongst his heard and adds +1 to his Toughness and Attack Characteristics. Note that only one squig per heard may have this upgrade.
Costs: 25 Gold Coins.
-Explosive: The Squig has either a odd mutation that causes it to erupt in an explosion or is filled with make-shift explosives and gunpowder. What ever the reason the Squig detonates on the turn that it charges (note that it does not make any attacks) and deals a D3 Str 4 hits to the target it charges. The squig is then counted as killed and is removed from the roster.
Costs:20 Gold Coins

0-2 Fanatics; 25 gold coins to hire.
M D6; Ws 2; Bs 3; S 3; T 3; W 1; I 3; A 1; Ld 6
Weapons/Armor: Fanatics are armed with a Flail and do not wear armor of any kind.

Addict: The Fanatic is dependent on a regular supply of Madcap Mushrooms which must be bought each game. If he can't get any before a battle he will stay in his cave foaming at the mouth and not take part. If available he will eat his mushrooms before the battle.

Mushroom Brain: Due to the effect of prolonged use of Madcap Mushrooms the Fanatic's brain is about useless. He cannot gain experience.

Looney: Due to the effect of the Mushrooms he is subject to Frenzy. He must also test for permanent damage after the battle as described in the rulebook.

Frantic: The Fanatic is hyperactive and will strike first in combat ignoring penalties or bonuses for weapons or initiative order.

0-1 Troll; 200 gold crowns to hire
Trolls are not intelligent enough to recognize the value of gold, but large amounts of food can often instill a certain loyalty in them.
M 6; Ws 3; Bs 1; S 5; T 4; W 3; I 1; A 3; Ld 4
Weapons/Armor: Trolls do not require weapons to fight but often carry a big club. In any event, Trolls can never be given weapons or armor.

Special Rules:

Fear: Trolls are frightening monsters which cause Fear.

Stupidity: A Troll is subject to the rules for stupidity.

Regeneration: Trolls have a unique physiology that allows them to regenerate wounds. Whenever an enemy successfully inflicts a wound on a Troll roll a D6, on a result of 4 or more the wound is ignored and the Troll is unhurt. Trolls may not regenerate wounds caused by fire or fire-based magic. Trolls never roll for injury after a battle.

Dumb Monsters: A Troll is far too stupid to ever learn any new skills. Trolls do not gain experience.

Always Hungry: A Troll requires an upkeep cost. This upkeep represents the copious amounts of food that must be fed to the troll in order to keep him loyal to the warband. The warband must pay 15 gc after every game in order to keep the Troll. If the warband lacks the gold to pay the upkeep, the Big Boss has the option of sacrificing three Snotlings or two Cave Squigs to the Troll in lieu of buying food (Trolls eat nearly anything). If this fee is not paid (either in gold or warband members) the Troll gets hungry and wanders off in search of food.

Vomit Attack: Instead of his normal attacks, a Troll can regurgitate it’s highly corrosive digestive juices on an unfortunate hand-to-hand combat opponent. This is a single attack that automatically hits with a Strength of 5 and ignores armor saves.

Species: Much like Squigs, Trolls come in various species. You may choose to give the troll in your warband one of the follow species.

-Stone Troll: Stone Trolls are known for their tough skin. A Stone Troll has Scaly Skin which gives it a 6+ armor save. In addition the Stone Troll also must make a separate roll for any magic (Friendly or Hostile) against it, roll a d6 and on a 6+ the spell is nullified.
Cost: 25 Gold Coins.

-River Troll: If the Troll is a River Troll, the beast is covered in slim and thus any model attacking the River Troll suffers from -1 penalty to hit them. In Addition the River Troll's movement is increased to 10 when ever moving in a water terrain feature.
Cost: 25 Gold Coins.

Night Goblin Magic:

1. Brain Bursta: The Night Goblin Shaman unleashes a torrent of Waaagh! Energy onto the target. This spell is resolved as a shooting attack and has a range of 18" and deals D3 Str 4 Hits.
Casts on a 7+

2. Gork'll Fix It! This spell maybe cast on any friendly model. The model affected by the spell may re-roll all failed to-hit rolls. This maybe only applied to the Shooting or Combat phase.
Casts on a 6+

3.Fooled Ya!: The Shaman disappears in a green mist, confusing his enemies. No enemy may charge the Shaman during their next turn. If the Shaman is engaged in hand-to-hand combat he may immediately move 4" away.
Casts on a 6+

4. Grip of Mork!: The Shaman has the grip of Mork himself! This spell gives the Shaman +1 attack, +2 Strength, and +2 Weapon Skill. This spell only lasts for a single round of combat, but it can be cast in combat before any attacks are delt by the Shaman.
Casts on a 8+

5. Summon da Squigs!: The Shaman must cast this spell before the game, and may only be used once. When cast the spell summons D3 Squigs which are placed 6" from the Shaman. These Squigs cannot be given any upgrade and will leave after the battle is over. These squigs do not count towards the maximum size of the Warband.
Casts on a 6+

6. Curse of da Bad Moon: The Shaman summons a storm of Waaagh! Energy that unleashes havoc on the enemy! This spell affects every enemy model with in 12" of the Shaman and those caught in the storm must roll a d6 and suffer a -1 to those characteristics until their next shooting phase.

1 - 2 Strength
3 - 4 Toughness
5 - 6 Attack

Casts on a 8+

Special Skills:

Supa Sneaky: A Night Goblin with this skill is always placed on the battlefield after the opposing warband and can be placed anywhere on the table as long as it is out of sight of the opposing warband and more than 12" away from any model. If both players have models which can Infiltrate, roll a d6 for each, and the lowest roll sets up first.

Waaagh!: The Night Goblin gains +D3 Attacks on the turn that it charges.

Da Cunnin’ Plan: Only the Boss may have this skill. The warband may re-roll any failed Rout tests as long as the Big Boss is not Out Of Action.

Ded' Shooty: The Night Goblin gains +1 to all To Wound rolls when using a Short Bow.

Ded' 'Ard: The Night Goblin is extremely resilent for a Goblin and has a 3+ save against being stunned, in addition if the goblin is Knocked Down then on a 4+ he is counted as stunned.

Special Equipment:

Mad Cap Mushrooms: See Mordheim Rule Book

Extra Special Mushrooms: These Mushrooms and given to wounded Night Goblins to help them heal their wounds. A warrior who is considered out of action may be given an Extra Special Mushroom. The Goblin is restored to his full quota of Wounds.

Death Cap Mushrooms: A Death Cap Mushroom is a very deadly poisonous mushroom, the Goblin coats his weapons in the spores or simply attaches the Mushroom to the tip of his blade or arrow. The Goblin using a Death Cap Mushroom must designate it to a single weapon he is using and for the rest of the battle that weapon has a +1 to its Strength (I.e a Sword coated in Death Cap Mushrooms would be str 4).

Magic Mushrooms: Magic Mushrooms are mushrooms filled with the magical energies of the WAAAGH! A Goblin Shaman who eats a Magic Mushroom gains +3 to his casting rolls. In addition the Shaman must also pass an LD test every turn or suffer from stupidity that turn.

Mushroom Bomb: A Mushroom that is very sensitive and will explodes in a spore of noxious gas at the slightest touch. Night Goblins are expert at the handling of this Mushrooms and hurl them at their enemies. A Mushroom Bomb may only be used in the shooting phase and is resolved as such. The Mushroom Bomb has a range of 6" and deals a single Strength 4 Hit that Ignores armor.

Riding Squig: Many Night Goblins Ride into battle on massive Squigs that can move at great speed and are extremely deadly.

M 2d6; Ws 3; Bs 0; S 4; T 4; W 1; I 3; A 1; Ld 5

Net: Once per game, the net may be thrown in the shooting phase instead of the model shooting a missile weapon. Treat the net as a missile weapon in all respects with a range of 8". Use the model’s BS to determine whether the net hits or not – there are no movement or range penalties. If it hits, the target must immediately roll a D6. If the result is equal to, or lower than his Strength, he rips the net apart. If the result is higher, he may not move, shoot or cast spells in his next turn, although he is not otherwise affected. In either case the net is lost.
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PostSubject: Re: Night Goblin Warband   Wed 11 May 2011 - 2:36

I'd recommend looking at Pathfinder D's night goblin warband which builds on (and improves on) the mordheimer warband. Here is the link.


I can't comment on whether your warband looks balanced as that can only come through play testing. I'm not too good at just reading rules without playing. PD's warband has gone throughquite a bit of testing already but he still doesn't consider it 100% ready.
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PostSubject: Re: Night Goblin Warband   Wed 11 May 2011 - 4:03

Ben wrote one too based off of Pathfinder's, too. So I'm afraid you're not the first Night Goblin warband in the area.


Not to say that you didn't give it your own unique twist. A few things:

Fear Elves: I believe you're overthinking it. Why not just "all elves cause fear?"

Herders: It's kinda neat that you decided to make ALL champions "herders" instead of something more generic. However, you didn't drive it home- where are the squig herding skills? "Prop: you may choose to have a squig go 3D6 instead of 2D6- still scatters on a double." Etc. Right now, they're herders in name only.

Or, there's more than one Herder model with an instrument instead of a prodder (bagpipe, cymbals). What about rules for that? How are they stronger/ weaker than the prodder?

Shaman: Probably lower the shaman's LD to 6. At 7, he's at MAX Ld for Night goblins.

Which brings in the Next point: unless I'm mistaken, all generic goblins have I2 & Ld 6, while night goblins have I3 Ld 5. You have your base warriors start at I3 Ld6 - too high. (You can leave the Herders at I3, Ld6, they're heroes.)

Upgrades for squigs: cute idea. Ditch the sling one, though, they have BS 0. Maybe make it like spines?

Fanatics - you don't have any rules or skills that give you access to free/ cheap / and/or common mushrooms. Your fanatic is going to be pretty worthless real fast.

Skills: Sneaky - not broken, but doesn't fight the herder theme. Besides, you have a herder hide in the rubble, leaving his squigs behind? Why not make it more of a "rush", that he and X squigs can make a free move after set-up? Less strategic, but helps you get across the board faster.

Waagh & Ded Hard - Doesn't really seem appropriate for Night Goblins... more like orc skills.
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PostSubject: Re: Night Goblin Warband   Wed 11 May 2011 - 9:17

Happy Birthday!
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PostSubject: Re: Night Goblin Warband   Wed 11 May 2011 - 13:00

Oh... nice catch, Kurst. Happy birthday, new guy! (Man, now I feel bad about criticizing his warband...)
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PostSubject: Re: Night Goblin Warband   

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Night Goblin Warband
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